Collaborating with Ansor MSME, BNI - Pertamina Boosts Pertashop and Agen46

Collaborating with Ansor MSME, BNI - Pertamina Boosts Pertashop and Agen46

Jakarta, 12 August 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI continues to show its commitment to working on the MSME sector. One of the programs included in BNI's MSME development series is to encourage financial inclusion and financing for Sahabat Ansor MSMEs which was developed through a synergy between BNI and the Government, state-owned energy sector SOEs, and Community Organizations. This collaboration is expected to improve people's living standards and accelerate the Indonesian economy, which in Q2-2021 has shown a positive trend even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the effort to build hope and open alternative solutions to the challenges of developing MSMEs, on Wednesday, 11 August 2021, BNI held a National Webinar with the theme "Development of MSMEs Friends of Ansor through Pertashop Program". Broadcast through BNI Corporate University Youtube Channel, the National Webinar which was also attended by MSME Business Actors, related Ministries/Institutions, and the general public is expected to provide an overview of the current MSME business conditions, challenges and opportunities that exist, as well as solutions to problems faced in the industry development of MSMEs in Indonesia. Virtually present at the event, the SOEs Minister, Erick Thohir, the Chairman of PP GP Ansor Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, the President Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati, the President Director of BNI, Royke Tumilaar, the President Director of Pertamina Retail, Iin Febrian, the Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto, and Sahabat Ansor MSMEs spread all over Indonesia.

Via Pertashop, BNI and Pertamina continue to encourage community and village economic empowerment, especially for small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of GP Ansor who want to distribute fuel oil (BBM) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to the community without having to travel far to a community gas station. This time, BNI provides a special Pertashop Financing Program that is easy, fast and cheap so that it is expected to accelerate the realization of the Pertamina program: one village one outlet in 83,000 villages with Pertamina mini gas stations. Erick Thohir said, GP Ansor has 7 million cadres, the majority of whom are still at the lower middle economic level and only a few are entrepreneurial. "We have to help with this. The Pertashop business opportunity, in God’s willing, can be accessed by GP Ansor for how to get funding sources and to seek trainings so that they can promote the class. I fully support this collaborative event," said Erick. 

Erick added that BNI's collaboration with GP Ansor will complement other collaborations that have been carried out previously with PT Pos Indonesia on 30 June 2021. Cooperation with Pos Indonesia is also carried out to assist GP Ansor Cadres so that they can develop themselves as entrepreneurs and have access to capital. Meanwhile, H Yaqut Cholil Qoumas explained, the Pertashop Program will bring great energy, especially in supporting government programs and on a wider scale, able to realize the ideals of the nation, namely a prosperous, just and prosperous society. "Hopefully the GP Ansor cadres will be a part of this justice and prosperity and must maximize the Pertashop program that has been provided through the direction of Pertamina and BNI," he said.

In the meantime, Royke Tumilaar revealed, MSMEs are the leading business segment in creating job opportunities for Indonesia. Through Pertashop program, it is hoped that it can improve the community's economy, especially BNI's capital assistance for MSMEs assisted by Anshor, either through opening Pertashop business interests or other productive businesses. "Here, BNI plays a role as an institution for financing and financial transactions to provide financing at low interest rates and of course competitive. Then, through the acquisition of Pertashop outlets and Sahabat Ansor MSMEs, they became BNI Agen46," said Royke.  

While, Nicke Widyawati conveyed, it is only about 43% of sub-districts throughout Indonesia have fuel distribution agencies, so there are still around 57% that do not yet have official fuel distribution agencies in their respective regions. “Pertamina as an SOE has the responsibility to provide energy throughout the country, not only availability but also accessibility and affordability, so that Indonesian people can easily and affordably obtain fuel, LPG and gas at the same price throughout the country," he concluded.

On the same occasion, Sis Apik together with Agoosh Yoosran and Iin Febrian added, Pertashop’s existence is able to provide energy to the village level, improve the economy and increase public access to banking through the use of BNI Agen46. BNI as one of the state-owned banks has prepared various financing schemes such as KUR and other Commercial Credit for MSMEs, especially Sahabat Ansor who need additional financing in the formation of Pertashop. With an easy and cheap KUR scheme, BNI supports the expansion of Pertashop establishments throughout Indonesia. "MSMEs that become Pertashop entrepreneurs will have wider opportunities to run other business potentials such as opening minimarkets, village shops, and other potentials, one of which is BNI Agen 46," said Sis Apik. 

By joining Agen46, it provides benefits for various parties, agents can increase income through fees for transactions carried out, for people to get closer and faster access to banking and for the Government to be able to encourage financial inclusion and economic growth.

The webinar is expected to have a positive impact on business activities so as to encourage economic growth to the village level in the midst of the pandemic.

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