BNI Launched BNIFX Web-Based Forex Transaction Platform

BNI Launched BNIFX Web-Based Forex Transaction Platform

Jakarta, 24 August 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI launched a Web for foreign exchange or foreign exchange transactions called BNIFX. The launch was carried out at the BNIFX Grand Launching and Talkshow "The Future Digital Transaction Platform for Corporate Clients" which was attended by corporate customers and BNI Hi-Movers.
The launching of BNIFX is based on customers' needs in getting the ease and convenience of foreign exchange transactions. Since the beginning of 2020 the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic has not shown any signs of ending. The shifting pattern of customer behavior in conducting transactions, coupled with restrictions on activities during the pandemic, poses new challenges for the banking world to seek to accelerate the process of digitizing banking transactions in 2021. 

This condition has resulted in a shift in customer transaction behavior as seen from digital banking transaction data which has jumped significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on a survey conducted by IDX Channel, data on the volume of digital banking transactions at banks in Indonesia during the pandemic has soared by 41.53%. Therefore, BNI as one of the leading banks in developing digital infrastructure always makes new innovations aimed at improving services.

BNI’s Treasury and International Director, Henry Panjaitan said, BNI accelerates digital transformation which will make services faster, simpler and safer. One of its strategic policies is to increase digital capability to meet customer needs.
BNI will always make BNI products that are more innovative and customer centric so that they are relevant to customer needs. One of BNI's digital service innovations launched on 23 August 2021 is BNIFX, which is a web-based digital platform that can be accessed via the internet by corporate customers to conduct foreign exchange transactions.

The IT and Operation Director, YB Hariantono emphasized, “Cashless transactions are common to reduce interactions in the pandemic era, where 98% of transactions are carried out electronically or digitally. Currently, BNI continues to transform its business, where the pandemic has accelerated our acceptance of innovation in digital services." Digitalization development at BNI is carried out in 3 areas, namely, the process of developing BNI products and services, digitizing customer service platforms, and digitizing ecosystems through collaboration with other digital channels.

BNIFX platform itself facilitates customers in making foreign exchange transactions through the system. Currently BNIFX is web-based, in the future it will be directed to mobile application-based innovation. Currently, BNI has a transaction application for digital consumers, namely BNI Mobile Banking, and for banking customers, is BNI Direct. This BNIFX digital service, which is integrated with BNI Direct, makes foreign exchange transactions faster, more precise, and safer for customers.

Treasury Business

Currently, BNI has treasury services located in 12 Treasury Regional Areas spread throughout Indonesia and a network of 6 Overseas Branch Offices. BNI Treasury has more than 15,860 active customers, consisting of 51% Wholesale customers and 49% retail customers, with an average new customer addition of 8% annually.

Furthermore, BNI’s Treasury SEVP, Ita Tetralastwati said, "In 2020, BNI Treasury Division managed to record Earning Before Tax which grew by 20.3% compared to 2019". BNI offers treasury solutions for the needs of customers' foreign exchange transactions, including transactional solutions, savings, investments, to hedging solutions. Ita added, “Every need for your treasury transactions, the solution must be available in BNI. So, when customers need convenience and comfort to transact foreign exchange, BNIFX is the answer," she said.

In the meantime, the Managing Director and Partner of BCG, Edwin Utama said that banks’ role is not just banking services, but how beyond banking can be a solution for customers. The BCG Research Team has carried out benchmarking to several banks in the world, surveys, and interviews with BCG clients at Global Companies in the World who reviewed trends related to corporate digital for corporate and wholesale banking customers. 

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, corporate banking customers had shown interest in digital banking transactions, where 85% of customers stated that they had a preference in digital transactions. During the pandemic, there was a shock that had an impact on the income of MSMEs in Indonesia. 

This condition was followed by changes in customer behavior that urged the acceleration of going digital in banks in providing financial services. Usually digital transformation is carried out every 2 years. However, nowadays digital transformation is becoming very important and urgent. 

As a bank that has a spirit of innovation, especially in the era of banking digitalization, BNI strives to continuously improve and improve the quality of its services. So that the initiation of the launch of BNIFX is a leading beyond banking solution based on digital. 

This BNIFX can be accessed on the page. Information related to BNIFX (features, benefits & advantages and how to activate BNIFX) can be viewed on the website

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