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BNI agen46 Banking

easier, faster, closer

Agen46 is BNI partner (individual or legal entity that have collaborated with BNI) to provide banking services to society (Laku Pandai Service, LKD Service and e-Payment Service).

Features and Services of Agen46


Laku Pandai Services

  • Account Opening :
    • BNI Pandai.
  • Combined Cash Deposit.
  • Combined Cash Withdrawal.

LKD Service

  • Electronic Money Registration.
  • Electronic Money Cash Deposit (Cash In).
  • Electronic Money Cash Withdrawal (Cash Out).

E-Payment Service

  • Transfer (Between BNI Accounts and Inter-Bank Online).
  • Purchase :
    • Electricity Token.
    • Mobile Phone Credit Voucher.
  • Payment :
    • Electricity Bill.
    • Credit Card Bill.
    • Personal Loan.
    • BPJS Health/Insurance.
    • Ticket (Train/Flight).
    • Prepaid Voucher.
    • And others.

Benefits of Being Agen46

  1. Easy Requirement and Free (no fee).
  2. Additional Income.
  3. Competitive fee per transaction.
  4. Wide service office network.
  5. Increasing features and services.
  6. Trusted by Society.

Easy Way to Join Agen46

  1. Via BNI Branch
    1. Prospective Agen46 (Individual/Legal Entity)visits the nearest BNI Branch Office.
    2. Prospective Agen46 fills in registration form and attaches supporting documents.
    3. BNI will process the Prospective Agen46 application and will inform the Prospective Agen46 if the application is processed.
    4. Prospective Agen46 signs the Agency Cooperation with BNI.
    5. Agen46 will receive operational completeness in the form of :
      • Agency certificate.
      • Agency banner.
      • Transaction Application Access.
      • Brochures/Flyers for Agen46 and Customers.

  2. Via Online Registration. Now you can become Agen46 by carrying out registration via BNI Agen46 online registration site by completing the data required according to the form.

  3. Via BNI Experience Application Google Apps

More complete information and terms can be found at or you can visit the nearest BNI Branch Office or contact BNI Call 1500046.