BNI Won Campus Financial Ecosystem Award from Diktiristek

BNI Won Campus Financial Ecosystem Award from Diktiristek

Jakarta, 13 January 2022 -- The consistency and achievement of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) in developing the campus financial ecosystem has again received appreciation. The company with the nickname campus Bank received an award as the best partner state-owned Bank that develops the Financial Ecosystem of Higher Education, Research and Technology.

Meanwhile, the award was given by the Acting Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek) Nizam to BNI’s Institutional Relations Director, Sis Apik Wijayanto for his achievements in continuously implementing the BNI Campus Financial Ecosystem program in educational institutions throughout Indonesia.

The award was given by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology at the Higher Education, Research and Technology Award 2021, Thursday (13/1/2021). Sis Apik conveyed that this award was given to BNI because it has a long history and close relationship with many universities. Currently, BNI has digitized campuses by providing the best services through Campus Financial Ecosystem solutions.

The Campus Financial Ecosystem owned by BNI has also provided financial solutions that are intended for the entire academic community and the entire ecosystem, starting from lecturers, teaching staff, staff employees, students, student families, and even business actors in the university environment.

The Campus Financial Ecosystem kick off has been collaborated with 5 State and Private Universities and will continue to be implemented in Universities throughout Indonesia. "We appreciate the award given by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology. We hope that all of our efforts can provide benefits for the Academic Community and support the advancement of the world of education. BNI will certainly continue to transform to provide the best solutions for educational institutions, in this digitalization era, the role of universities is very much needed to fill the changes in business management that are entering the digital era," added Sis Apik.

Sis Apik continued that BNI has always been proactive in collaborating with many universities to create a cashless society through the Campus Financial Ecosystem. The Company provides customized digital banking transactions by implementing closed loop transactions in the campus environment, which can be utilized by the entire academic community at each university.

BNI is also active in distributing BNI Flexibility for master/doctoral postgraduate students, certified internships, Early Recruitment Program and MSME Empowerment of University Fostered Partners through the BNI Edupreneur Program.

"The implementation of the Campus Financial Ecosystem in many universities is expected to provide complete financial services and systems and integrated digital solutions in the form of corporate support, cash management systems, consumer product services and other IT solutions," he added.


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