Thousands of Indonesian Honorary Teachers Receive SOE Appreciation

Thousands of Indonesian Honorary Teachers Receive SOE Appreciation

Jakarta, 15 January 2022 -- In the midst of the teachers struggle in teaching and educating students in schools, there are teachers who are struggling in Frontier, Remote, and Disadvantaged areas or 3T areas. Not only that, they are also still honorary status. For the struggle of the Honorary Teachers, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI gives appreciation for their dedication in educating the nation's children.

The role of these educators is very crucial because dedication is very valuable in increasing the knowledge and values and ethics of the young generation of Indonesia. In this program, as many as 3,638 honorary teachers have been selected to receive an Appreciation from BNI in the form of savings. These honorary teachers range from Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High, and High School levels. This program also includes honorary teachers from both public and private schools with a total budget allocation of Rp 18.19 billion.

The appreciation was symbolically handed over by the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir to several honorary teachers in Malang, East Java, Saturday (15/1/2022). In the ceremony, which implemented strict health protocols, BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar also accompanied the symbolic handover of the savings. The event was also attended by representatives of Honorary Teachers from 22 provinces virtually.

Erick Thohir said that SOEs’ attention to honorary teachers is part of 3 programs that are currently being pushed by the Ministry of SOEs in the use of CSR. The three programs are Concern for Education, Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and the Environment. "I ask BNI to help the Honorary Teachers, who are over 50 years old, but are still dedicated to being teachers in the 3T area. Because these teachers have not been touched by the appreciation of SOEs before," he said.

Erick also added that this appreciation is expected to improve the concerns of the Honorary Teachers so far. Erick also hopes that this appreciation will continue. "From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the struggles of the teachers who ensure that education continues. This is important because education is the key to success. For me, teachers are warriors," said Erick.

The appreciation program for honorary teachers in the 3T area is a form of SOEs' concern for the service that is carried out in the midst of many limitations. This is also included in the government's efforts to improve the quality of national education, so that it can realize Indonesia which has a golden generation.

In the mean time, Royke Tumilaar said that teachers are Unsung Heroes who strive to increase the knowledge of Indonesia's young generation. They struggle against all limitations in a challenging area, but still try to maintain the quality of education for their students. This is an extraordinary service that deserves the attention of all parties. Therefore, in order to support the government's education program, BNI seeks to proactively participate in helping to improve the quality of education. Giving appreciation in the form of savings is also part of efforts to improve Financial Literacy among teachers.


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