BPJAMSOSTEK Partnering with BNI Agen46 to Expand Registration and Pay Service Channels

BPJAMSOSTEK Partnering with BNI Agen46 to Expand Registration and Pay Service Channels

Jakarta, 23 March 2022 -- Ease of access to services by public is seen as very important by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (BPJAMSOSTEK), in addition to improving service quality as well as increasing membership acquisition and stability. For this reason, various innovations have been carried out, one of which is by establishing cooperation to utilize BNI Agen46 managed by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI (stock code : BBNI) as an extension of BPJAMSOSTEK in serving registration and payment of contributions.

The launch of this collaboration was inaugurated in Jakarta, (23/3) by the Director of Participation of BPJAMSOSTEK, Zainudin and BNI’s Institutional Relations Director, Sis Apik Wijayanto directly with strict Health Protocols.

Zainudin explained that the payment of dues and participant registration through BNI Agen46 has been running since last September 2021. BNI Agen46 offers various conveniences and service advantages.

Employment social security protection for Indonesian workers is very important in ensuring that workers and their families get protection against socio-economic risks that are vulnerable to occur when workers experience one of the occupational risks. Starting from accidents at work or going to and coming home from work that causes disability or death, entering old age, losing a job, to natural deaths become the focus of protection from the program organized by BPJAMSOSTEK.

"I hope that this collaboration with BNI can support the acceleration of the protection coverage of the employment social security program for all workers in Indonesia so that workers get peace and comfort in working because they are protected by BPJAMSOSTEK," concluded Zainudin.

Meanwhile, BNI’s Institutional Relations Director, Sis Apik Wijayanto, said that this strategic step between BNI and BPJS Employment was a follow-up to the signing of the Cooperation Agreement between BNI and BPJS Employment which was signed on 9 March 2022. The scope of this cooperation agreement includes registration and payment of BPJS Employment Contributions through BNI Agen46 owned by BNI with the aim of making it easier for prospective Participants and/or Participants to register and pay contributions for the Employment Social Security Program in real time online.

He continued, with the launch and socialization, it is hoped that it will increase transactions for payment of BPJS Employment contributions and increase BPJS Employment membership registration through BNI, especially through BNI Agen46.

He said that currently BNI has been serving BPJS Employment dues payments in all BNI payment channels. Payment of BPJS Employment contributions can be made through BNI Tellers, BNI ATMs, BNI SMS Banking, BNI Mobile Banking, BNI Personal Internet Banking, BNI Cash Management Platform (BNIDirect), and through BNI Agen46 which currently has 157,632 partners spread over 6,000 sub-regencies and 31 thousand villages or sub-districts.

Sis Apik said BNI and BPJS Employment are trying to acquire workers in the informal sector.
“Participants in this sector do not have a fixed income. However, with the ease of registration and payment of dues provided by BNI through BNI Agen46 spread throughout Indonesia, it is hoped that it can increase the awareness of participants and prospective participants of the BPJS Employment Program," he added. (*)


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