Opening Branch in Amsterdam, BNI Expansion is praised by the House of Representatives

Opening Branch in Amsterdam, BNI Expansion is praised by the House of Representatives

Jakarta, 27 June 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) proactively expands international business after successfully opening a network in Amsterdam. BNI is able to capture the diaspora community and help develop its business in a more sustainable direction.

The Company assisted the development of a Padang Restaurant called Warung Makan Lapek which is managed by Uni Suprapti Tanjung, a native of Nareh Pasir Baru, Padang Pariaman Regency, West Sumatra. Uni Suprapti has become a customer through BNI's diaspora development program.

During his working visit, Member of Commission VI of Indonesian House of Representatives Andre Rosiade appreciated BNI for its diaspora development program in The Hague, Netherlands. According to him, BNI is aggressive because it immediately expands after the network office permit is approved.

He believes that BNI diaspora program will pave the way for Indonesian products to go international, as well as attract more Dutch tourists to visit the country.

"The collaboration of the Indonesian diaspora with BNI as a state-owned company in increasing Indonesian products for sale to the international market must be fully supported and appreciated," he said.

Andre explained that Uni Suprapti had lived in the Netherlands for 20 years and had pioneered this culinary business for 10 years. This MSME player has only opened a restaurant for 2 years and 7 months and has managed to earn a turnover of 60,000 euros per month.

"When I spoke with her, now Uni Suprapti plans to develop a new, wider restaurant with the support of the Government of Indonesia program through the Ministry of SOEs with the BNI Diaspora Go Global Program. And we must appreciate and support this," said Andre.

On a separate occasion, BNI London General Manager Roekma Hari Adji said Uni Suprapti was one of BNI's debtors who was quite successful in demonstrating the existence of Indonesian local culture and business abroad.

"As a global bank from Indonesia, we directly carry out the task of assisting business development of diaspora in the Netherlands, including Padang Restaurant culinary business owned by Uni Suprapti," he said.

Adji said that BNI is a bank from Indonesia that has the widest overseas network, located in 6 (six) countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York and Seoul, plus BNI network in Amsterdam. The Diaspora potential is estimated at 600 thousand people, and specifically for the Netherlands, it is estimated that currently there are around 1.7 million people.

The diaspora population in the Netherlands is a tremendous potential for Indonesia, because it can be a source of strength for the Indonesian economy, including the large amount of remittances sent to Indonesia.

"The Netherlands itself has a very large attractiveness and business potential, this is the background for BNI to add overseas networks in potential countries where Amsterdam is one of the European economic centers and international trade routes," he added.


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