BNI Gives Explanation on Unsecured Loan Hoaxes

BNI Gives Explanation on Unsecured Loan Hoaxes

Jakarta, 1 July 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) provides an explanation regarding Hoax lending without collateral. BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom said that BNI is a government-owned company that runs business within the corridors and supervision of the government as well as the Financial Services Authority.

Loan distribution to any party must go through a legal process including collateral requirements that are in accordance with the value of the loan facility.

BNI's internal and external audits continue to run regularly to continue to ensure various fraudulent acts that can harm the Company as the guardian of state assets.

Regarding a BNI's debtor from South Sumatra, who is mentioned with the initials BG, they have partnered since 2017, it is confirmed that the loan provision has collateral and is complied with the provisions. Even the debtor's loan facility is in current condition.

"We can ensure that all legal processes in distributing our loans are in accordance with the applicable corridors. We hope that no one will deliberately spread hoaxes that make people restless for the sake of profit," he said.

Regarding Coal, Mucharom continued that BNI's loan disbursement was carried out conservatively by taking into account all the provisions of the relevant ministries & institutions.

BNI's rupiah and foreign currency mining loans, including as of the first quarter of 2022, were only 3.23% of BNI's total loans.

The steps for disbursing mining loans were also followed by a green banking commitment where our loans for the new and renewable energy sector has reached Rp10.3 trillion.

"We have also disbursed financing for pollution handling reaching Rp 6.8 trillion, as well as water and waste water management segment worth Rp 23.3 trillion," he added.


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