Real Steps of KALBE Nutritionals, Aruna PV, and BNI Reducing 2,104 Tons Carbon Per Year

Real Steps of KALBE Nutritionals, Aruna PV, and BNI Reducing 2,104 Tons Carbon Per Year

JAKARTA, 8 July 2022 -- PT Sanghiang Perkasa (KALBE Nutritionals), PT Aruna Cahaya Pratama (Aruna PV) and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) is committed to jointly support government programs in accelerating the penetration of renewable energy through the installation of Solar Power Plants (PLTS) in the KALBE Nutritionals factory area in Cikampek, West Java.

The installation of solar panels is a collaboration between real sector actors and the financial sector to encourage the use of renewable energy in an effort to protect the environment and support a sustainable economy.

As for the installation of solar panels has reached 2,970 panels with a total capacity of 1,603 kWp. This has been done since early 2022 and is expected to be operational in mid-July this year. The installed solar panels have a production capacity of 2.1 GWh and can reduce carbon emissions by 2,104.66 tons per year. The installation of KALBE Nutritionals solar panels in the Kalbe Nutritionals factory area in Cikampek, West Java was carried out by Aruna Cahaya Pratama with financing from BNI.

Director of Supply Chain Management & Innovation of PT Sanghiang Perkasa I Gede Putu Eka Putra conveyed that this commitment was carried out in line with KALBE Nutritionals' mission to provide the best nutritional products at every stage of human life. Therefore, KALBE Nutritionals strives to implement more sustainable business processes by using environmentally friendly green energy in the Company owned production facilities.

“We are aware that in running a business, we need to think about future steps, so that we can continue to synergize with the environment as the source of every nutritional product we produce. Hopefully, the installation of this solar panel will be KALBE Nutritionals' contribution to environmentally friendly technology, and a form of our commitment to running a sustainable business," said I Gede Putu.

I Gede Putu also added that KALBE Nutritionals always adheres to environmental pollution control and waste management. The solar panels installation in the factory area is an innovation for energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy.

Aruna PV Director, Audwin Purwadi, said that his party appreciates the concrete steps taken by KALBE Nutritionals and BNI in the joint steps to replace energy sources in the factory area by utilizing more environmentally friendly energy.

According to him, this support for reducing carbon emissions will also have an impact on the installation of solar panels in other places so that more industry players are moved to implement the green economy principles.

“We appreciate this strategic collaboration between industry players and the financial services sector. We will certainly continue to be more proactive to encourage as many other companies as possible to switch to renewable energy,” said Audwin.

Green Banking Support 

BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom said BNI is committed to continuing to provide financing support for the development of new and renewable energy projects. On this occasion, BNI's support was given to Aruna who has the capacity to provide services for the construction of Solar Power Plant, where one of the users is KALBE Nutritionals.

For BNI, the implementation of green banking is one of the directions from the Financial Services Authority to help accelerate energy transition in the real sector.

Until the first quarter of 2022, BNI's loans for the new and renewable energy sector has reached Rp 10.3 trillion. BNI has also disbursed financing for pollution handling reaching Rp 6.8 trillion, as well as the water and waste water management segment worth Rp 23.3 trillion.

“As a pioneer in green banking, of course we welcome this collaborative step. We hope that more industry players will be moved to carry out transformations in order to support the national Go Green spirit," he said.

Furthermore, Mucharom conveyed that BNI's commitment to protecting the environment will be even stronger in line with the effectiveness of green bonds worth Rp. 5 trillion. BNI is also actively looking for quality potential debtors to channel financing facilities for projects in the environmental business activity category.

“To assist with the carbon economy transition in Indonesia, BNI has also obtained this Long-Term Notes rating from PEFINDO for one year period, with an AAA rating which is the highest rating. From the green bond book building stage, we have also oversubscribed 4 times, which indicates that investors appreciate BNI's commitment," he said.


KALBE Nutritionals is actively developing nutritional products, in order to sharpen its commitment in the health food and beverage business. KALBE Nutritionals, always strives to realize the mission of Providing Best Nutrition Solution for a Better Life by providing health products and services for the community. This firm statement serves as a guideline for continuously utilizing scientific advances, in order to provide the best health products and services for millions of Indonesians in particular, and the world in general. We provide the best service for all customers, and simplifying their lives has become the aspiration and motivation of KALBE Nutritionals.

This is what underlies KALBE Nutritionals to continue to expand services, and provide convenience and practicality for customers through an integrated customer service strategy, including by presenting KALBE Customer Care 0800-140-2000 (toll-free) service, KALBE Home Delivery delivery service 1500880, KALcare online messaging service (, to the existence of KALBE Nutritionals in the digital realm through social networking channels, which aims to get closer and make it easier for customers to reach KALBE Nutritionals. More complete information can be accessed at


PT Aruna Cahaya Pratama is a renewable and sustainable energy company engaged in the Photovoltaic (PV) provider industry in Indonesia. Operating since 2018, PT Aruna Cahaya Pratama has collaborated with various companies from all corners of Indonesia. Until now we continue to develop our products such as photovoltaic on the ground (Ground Mounted), photovoltaic on the roof (rooftop), and most recently is photovoltaic floating (floating PV) according to the needs of the client. For more info please visit

About BNI

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI was founded on 5 July 1946 and became the first state-owned bank that was born after Indonesia's independence. BNI had functioned as a central bank and commercial bank as stated in the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law no. 2/1946, before finally operating as a commercial bank since 1955.

Until March 2022, BNI has 2,128 domestic outlets spread across 34 provinces and 420 regencies/cities as well as 7 overseas outlets spread across various countries. BNI has 23 Commercial Business Centers (CBC), 27 SME Business Centers (SBC), and 12 Consumer Loan Centers (CLC). BNI also has Agen46 network (Branchless Banking) in 157,464 locations.

BNI now has 16,384 ATMs spread across 34 provinces and 521 regencies/cities including 6 (six) ATMs overseas, namely 4 ATMs in Hong Kong and 2 ATMs in Singapore. The ATM network can also serve debit card transactions bearing GPN, Link, ATM Bersama, and Prima logos.

BNI as the holding company has 4 subsidiaries, namely BNI Multifinance (financing), BNI Life (insurance), BNI Remittance (remittances), and BNI Sekuritas (capital market). BNI Asset Management (Investment Manager) is a subsidiary of BNI Sekuritas.


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