BNI Combines MSME Go Global Service and Diaspora

BNI Combines MSME Go Global Service and Diaspora

JAKARTA, 12 July 2022 – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) continues to strengthen international banking performance by combining MSME Go Global service and diaspora.

BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar said the potential for improving international banking performance is strong because the Company has two strategic business segments, namely MSME Go Global and the diaspora community.

"BNI's international performance will continue to grow positively in the future. We encourage Go Global MSME collaboration as well as diaspora, both immigrant workers, or those who have settled there. That is our target in the future," he said.

Royke explained that currently there are around 8 million diaspora abroad that BNI has the potential to serve. Of these, 4 million diaspora are immigrant workers, while the rest have become foreign citizens.

Royke assumes that if the diaspora saves US$ 1,000 per year, then the potential third party funds (TPF) that will be collected by BNI is around US$ 8 billion. In addition to empowering diaspora, BNI also utilizes the network of diaspora to encourage MSMEs to advance to class by presenting Indonesian MSME products overseas.

Furthermore, Royke said that as one of the state-owned banks, BNI received a mandate to develop banking services abroad. This is inseparable from the existence of a BNI branch office which has been present for the first time in Singapore since 1955.

In addition, in developing its business globally, BNI will also utilize digital services, including BNI Mobile Banking to serve international transactions for individual customers, BNIDirect to serve business solutions, and BNI Xpora for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to increase their business capacity.

“BNI Xpora offers a variety of digital services that can be used by SMEs from various levels, from those who are still pioneering to those who are ready to expand their market in the global arena. BNI Xpora can be accessed freely by all MSME players via the domain. Through this portal, SMEs can access various features," he concluded.


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