BNI’s 76th Anniversary, e-Sports Tournament Flooded with 9,113 Participants

BNI’s 76th Anniversary, e-Sports Tournament Flooded with 9,113 Participants

Jakarta, 14 July 2022 -- The celebration of the 76th Anniversary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI is getting more lively with the holding of the Esport Tournament For Stronger Indonesia. This competition contests the three most popular games in the world today, namely Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and Lokapala.

The bank with the stock code BBNI collaborates with Dunia Games as a competition operator, which has long experience in holding eSports Tournaments. Suddenly, the number of participants exploded to 9,113 people, or 2,207 groups or 130 percent above the organizer's initial estimate.

This competition is also a form of synergy between SOEs, because Dunia Games is a subsidiary of Telkomsel, a telecommunications service provider under the umbrella of Telkom Indonesia. Moreover, this ESport Tournament for Stronger Indonesia invites participants to compete for agility and skills in collaboration.

A total of 701 groups competed in PUBG Mobile, then 1,221 other groups competed in Free Fire, and as many as 285 other groups competed to be the best in the Lokapala game, a game developed by an original developer from Indonesia.

The best eSport athletes who will come out as winners on 15 July 2022 will be able to win a prize pool that totals Rp 228 million. In addition, a Cosplay Competition will also be held to become an event for creativity and art involving more than 50 of the best Cosplayers in Greater Jakarta.

BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom said that the Company took advantage of the joyful momentum of BNI's 76th Anniversary to encourage the spirit of Go Digital, including by holding an e-Sports Tournament.

In his opinion, this sport is very popular with Indonesian millennials, and even Indonesia's achievements are recorded as being ranked 12th in the world gaming market and contributing to Indonesia's creative economy through digital transactions.

BNI is committed to playing an active role in supporting gamers and the games industry in Indonesia as well as supporting games developed by local developers created by the nation's youth.

"With the eSports Tournament for Stronger Indonesia competition, the result of collaboration between BNI and Telkomsel, we hope to realize the spirit of collaboration in supporting the development of the Indonesian eSports ecosystem," he said.

In the excitement of this program, BNI will distribute free game vouchers worth Rp. 50,000 to all semifinal participants. Additional free voucher of Rp 50,000 for the first 2,000 participants who activate BNI Mobile Banking.

For vouchers purchasing with QRIS, visitors will get an additional free voucher of Rp 25,000. In addition, 20 visitors who upload their best photos during the eSports Tournament on social media will get a BNI savings balance of Rp 1 million each.

"With this attention program, we hope to attract new millennial customers who will become loyal BNI customers in the future. Of course we have many products and services that will be very suitable for the various needs of today's millennials," he concluded.


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