As a Pioneer, BNI Installs Two PVECS with Partnership Scheme

As a Pioneer, BNI Installs Two PVECS with Partnership Scheme

Jakarta, 19 July 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI is committed to continuing to be an transformation agent in the application of environmental, social and governance principles or ESG. To that end, the Bank, stock code-named BBNI, continues to actively add to its portfolio with the classification of green financing and green activity. Most recently, with the support of the State Electricity Company (Persero) or PLN, BNI has become a pioneer in banking industry as a financial institution that operates two Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (GEVCS).

This step is also a proof to the corporation seriousness in supporting the government in front of the guests of the G20 members, where Indonesia holds the position of the Presidency. In addition, this is also a follow-up to the signing of the Cooperation Agreement (CA) between BNI and PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) or PLN on April 26, 2022 regarding Provision of PVECS Infrastructure in BNI Area.

The construction of the two PVECS was inaugurated at BNI Head Office, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, on Tuesday (19 July 2022). BNI builds two PVECS at once in its working environment. Apart from BNI Head Office, also at BNI Pejompongan Tower, Jalan Pejompongan Raya, Jakarta.

Present at the PVECS inauguration were BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar, PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo, and BNI Deputy President Director Adi Sulistyowati. Also present on the occasion were BNI Corporate Banking Director Silvano Rumantir, BNI Service and Network Director Ronny Venir, PLN Director of Commerce and Customer Management Bob Saril, and PLN Finance Director Sinthya Roesli..

Royke conveyed that the construction of GVECS was a concrete step by BNI to encourage the acceleration of the use of Battery-Based Electric Motorized Vehicles (BBEMV) in Indonesia which would have a positive impact on the environment.

"This step is a joint commitment between BNI and PLN to proactively support the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. We are also proud to say that BNI is the first bank in Indonesia to use the GVECS Partnership Investor Own Investor Operate (IO2) cooperation scheme from PLN," he said.

Through this scheme, PLN acts as the owner of the GVECS business, and the partner as business partner. The PVECS Partnership IO2 scheme consists of three packages, namely Medium Charger Package, Fast Charger Package, and Ultra Fast Charger Package.

With this program, PLN provides ease of ownership services as well as licensing arrangements for partners to be able to run businesses and improve the PVECS ecosystem. This is also in line with BNI as the first bank to provide a payment channel (in this case a Debit Card Payment Gateway) in PLN Mobile Application for payment for charging electric vehicles using PLN's GVECS.

The PVECS construction strengthens BNI's position as a Company that deserves a high rating on the ESG assessment from MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International). BNI's current rating is A and is the highest rank among Indonesian Banks.

As the holder of the best MSCI rating, BNI is not complacent. Prior to this, the Company has also issued green bonds worth Rp5 trillion which is prepared to strengthen environmental-based financing.

The PVECS unit which was inaugurated has 3 (three) types of chargers, namely AC type with a power of 22 kilo Watts (kW), DC CHAdeMo with a power of 25 kW, and DC CCS2 with a power of 25 kW. The AC type is usually used for electric cars from European manufacturers, while the DC CHAdeMo type is for electric cars from Asian and American manufacturers, while the DC CCS2 type is a combination with the fast charging category. The management of the PVECS placed at BNI will be managed based on the synergy between a subsidiary of PLN and an affiliated company of BNI, namely PT Grha Mitra Empatenam.

Electric Vehicle Financing Scheme

Royke continued that in the inauguration of the PVECS this time, BNI also provided ease of ownership of electric vehicles through BNI consumer financing and financing through BNI's subsidiary, BNI Multifinance. BNI provides a special scheme that is more attractive than conventional car financing.

Meanwhile, Darmawan appreciated BNI for acting as a frontline in the energy transition, especially with its function as an intermediary. In just 3 months of cooperation discussions, BNI was immediately able to realize the construction of the PVECS.

"Our steps with BNI are also tangible proof to the world that Indonesia has moved quickly in the energy transition, especially switching from fossil fuel cars to electric fuel," said Darmawan.

Apart from this PVECS collaboration, PLN also has various projects which of course can be a potential investment credit distribution for BNI. "Of course there will be more collaborations that we will continue with BNI. We have various investments with a spirit of fairness whose risks are well managed and the rate of return is fair," concluded Darmawan.

BNI is classified as a bank in Indonesia that pays serious attention to environmental management. Several activities supported by BNI include collaborating with KJA Foundation to organize an environmental rehabilitation program for the coastal area of Anyer Beach, Banten and upstream of Citarum River Basin, West Java. In the nursery development program, planting and caring for these trees, BNI and KJA are preparing 100,000 tree seedlings in Anyer Beach area, 200,000 tree nurseries in the upstream area of Citarum River Basin. (*)


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