Collaborating with Bank of North Sumatra, BNI Promotes Orange Synergy

Collaborating with Bank of North Sumatra, BNI Promotes Orange Synergy

Jakarta, 10 August 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI and PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Sumatera Utara or Bank Sumut collaborate by carrying out the Orange Synergy program. This collaboration includes the use of products, services, channels and capabilities between BNI and Bank Sumut.

The initial step of this collaboration began with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between BNI Deputy President Director Adi Sulistyowati and Bank Sumut President Director Rahmat Fadillah Pohan at BNI Pejompongan Tower, Jakarta, Wednesday night (10/8/2022).

The agreements that have been reached are: First, the MoU on the Joint Utilization of Products, Services, Channels, and Capabilities. Second, the Cooperation Agreement of Co-Branding, Top Up, and Tapcash Balance Update. Third, the Cooperation Agreement of Bank Sumut Employee Capability Improvement Program. Fourth, the Cooperation Agreement of Provision and Utilization of Banking Services (ATM, QRIS, EDC, Biller).

Through the Orange Synergy collaboration project, Bank Sumut and BNI are committed to building strategic collaborations as outlined in various banking service development initiatives that benefit both parties and provide benefits to stakeholders.

With this cooperation, Bank Sumut can expand the diversification of banking products and services. Likewise with BNI, which can expand services related to the payment of regional taxes and levies in North Sumatra through ATM Channels, Mobile Banking, Agencies, and BNI Outlets.

It is hoped that this cooperation will make a positive contribution to business growth for both BNI and Bank Sumut.

Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi, said that the company will open opportunities for collaboration and service integration so that it can be utilized in providing complete banking solutions to Bank Sumut customers.

"Of course we welcome this cooperation. This is in line with the spirit of BNI Go Productive where BNI wants to play a proactive role in accelerating the national economic recovery through various synergies. We also hope that Bank Sumut can provide maximum service to customers," she said.

As for, potential synergies that can be created in the future are channel collaborations including the use of BNI ATM channels, including those located abroad, joint use of acquiring channels such as the utilization of the BNI Supply Chain Financing (FSCM) platform, as well as Agency Business cooperation.

The cooperation can also be developed on local government credit card products for the Regional Government, to Corporate Cards for internal Bank Sumatra Utara, co-branding of BNI Visa/Master credit cards for personal and corporate customers of Bank Sumut, sales of investment products, insurance, car ownership programs, and management of pension/severance pay for Bank Sumut employees.

There are also opportunities for service collaboration in terms of API-based billers, utilization of BNI remittance services and Trade Finance by Bank Sumut customers, completeness of North Sumatra regional payment services, cooperation in providing solutions for local governments, as well as cooperation in utilizing BNI capabilities and products including KUR and BNI Xpora.

Finally, there are also opportunities for collaboration in terms of improving the capability of training cooperation and curriculum development to increase capabilities related to sales, treasury and international banking, up to information technology, as well as operational cooperation related to reconciliation, and Call Center, as well as assistance in developing HR and HRIS system governance.
"There are many opportunities for cooperation between BNI and Bank Sumut. We will also expand cooperation opportunities like this with several other regional banks," she said.

Susi also added that BNI has optimal capabilities in developing Smart City, which is based on digital services. This cooperation can assist the local government governance so that it will provide optimal public services in this digital era.

One form of Smart City developed by BNI is to build a Smart Government, which allows integrated financial management support, so that local tax revenues can be maximized. In addition, Smart City BNI also develops other services, ranging from Smart Health Care, Smart Farming, Smart Education, Smart Ecosystem MSMEs, to Smart Tourism.

"In that way we can improve the welfare of the community and regional economic growth. Everything is measurable and easy, starting from receiving tax services, paying for water, STNK, up to BPKB," said Susi.

On the occasion, Rahmat said, BNI is a state-owned bank that ranks as the 4th largest national asset. BNI is supported by an ATM network, digital channels (internet and mobile banking), branch offices at home and abroad.

As one of the pioneers of digital banking, BNI has digital service capabilities that are supported by the availability of various complete API-based products.

Rahmat said, along with the development of digitalization which is quite massive in various industries including financial services, as the largest regional bank in Sumatra and outside Java, Bank Sumut has launched a digital transformation which has become the focus of Bank Sumut's strategy since 2020, to be able to compete in providing various banking service features and expand coverage in various service channels.

To accelerate the development of digitization at Bank Sumut, appropriate steps are needed to collaborate with other industry players, such as fintech, e-commerce, as well as fellow banks.

"We certainly appreciate BNI for opening up opportunities for collaboration with us. Of course, this will be a new value proposition for us and will benefit more of our customers," he said.

For Bank Sumut, Rahmat said that this collaboration will strengthen digital capabilities, add new services and products, and strengthen business development of Bank Sumut. Of course, there is also the potential for increased income, as well as investment opportunities at a more affordable cost.

For Bank Sumut customers, this cooperation will provide a variety of new service options, better services, more competitive fees, and wider and easier transaction channels. (*)


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