Pioneering Green Banking, BNI Encourages Sustainable Business

Pioneering Green Banking, BNI Encourages Sustainable Business

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI continues to support the realization of the government's green economy by continuing to encourage sustainable business expansion. The Company has outlined this commitment in 5 BNI sustainability pillars, namely BNI for Indonesia, BNI for customers, BNI for the environment, BNI for the society, and BNI for employees.

In the Tempo Economic Forum 2022, BNI Corporate & International Banking Director Silvano Rumantir said that the Government targets Indonesia to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060. Therefore, commitment is needed, especially from banking industry players to make a transition that leads to the use of new renewable energy (NRE).

"Of course, we will always strive to support the government in realizing a green economy. This step is also done while maintaining the current economic growth trend which is still in a recovery trend," he said.

Silvano said that BNI has gradually reviewed the efforts to provide incentives for green portfolio loans. A concrete example that BNI has done is by launching low interest rate financing for electric vehicle ownership.

BNI is also proactively collaborating with PLN in providing public electric vehicle charging station (PEVCS) infrastructure in the country. This step is to succeed the government program in accelerating the establishment of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (BBEMV) ecosystem in Indonesia.

BNI has begun to collaborating with several corporations for the Sustainability Linked Loan program which is used for customers' sustainable business investments.

"BNI is classified as a bank in Indonesia that pays serious attention to environmental management. Some of the activities carried out by BNI include environmental rehabilitation of the coastal areas of Anyer Beach, Banten and the upper reaches of the Citarum River Watershed, West Java through the nursery development program, planting and maintaining trees in the area," he concluded.



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