After Disbursing Rp 7.3 Trillion in 2018, BNI Continues to Dispense Non-Cash CCT Social Aid in 2019

Jakarta, January 10, 2019 --- Throughout 2018, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) has played an active role in supporting the Distribution of Non-Cash Social Assistance for the Family Hope Program. In 2018, BNI distributed non-cash social aid worth of Rp 7.3 trillion to more than 4.2 million beneficiary families (KPM) in 468 cities and regencies.

The success of 2018 was continued in 2019. BNI was again appointed as the distributor bank for the Non-Cash Social Assistance for the Family Hope Program. BNI's participation was marked by the launch of the Government Non-Cash Social Assistance for Family Hope Program held by the Ministry of Social Affairs at the Ciracas Sports Building in East Jakarta on January 10, 2019.

Present at the event were Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, BNI Managing Director Achmad Baiquni and BNI Director of Institutional Relations Adi Sulistyowati. A mock-up of the Social Welfare Card was presented to the KPM at the event, which was also marked by honoring KPM children for outstanding school work and by issuing KPM Graduation Certificates.

The Non-Cash Food Assistance differs from one KPM to another. Starting in 2019, there are eight components that determine the value of social assistance distributed to each KPM. The first is Regular Fixed Social Assistance Family Hope Program worth Rp 550,000. The second is the Fixed Social Assistance Family Hope Program Access worth Rp 1 million. The third is Assistance Components for Expecting Women or children aged 0 to 6 years of Rp 2,4 million. The fourth is the education component for elementary school children or equivalent worth Rp 900.000. The fifth is for children with junior high school education or equivalent worth Rp 1,5 million. The sixth is the education component for high school children or equivalent worth of Rp 2 million. The seventh is the elderly components for people of 60 years of age and above worth Rp 2,4 million. The eighth is the component for persons with severe disabilities worth Rp 2,4 million.

"With the new mechanism, there are several changes. Previously, until 2018, the Social Assistance Family Hope Program was the same for all beneficiaries, each family received Rp 1.89 million. However, starting in 2019, each family receives a different amount of social assistance depending on the components. So there are families that can receive twice as much, some receive 1.5 times as much, depending on the family conditions," said Adi Sulistyowati, or Susi, the Director of Institutional Relations of BNI.

Through Agent46

Susi added that BNI's active support as a member of State-Owned Bank Association Himbara was provided through the distribution of social assistance funds for KPM in 2019. This was done through non-cash transfers directly to the beneficiary families’ accounts. In accordance with the President's mandate through the Ministry of Social Affairs, the first phase of the social assistance distribution in 2019 commenced in January with the distribution of aid to KPM in Ciracas district, East Jakarta. The help reached 1,115 KPM with total funds of Rp 1,361 billion.

As an agent of development, BNI continually strives to expand the LAKU PANDAI BNI Agent, or Agen46, as one of the instruments of disbursement of social aid. The availability of Agent46 even in villages makes it easier for the beneficiaries to access social assistance. Agen46 is also a form of BNI's support for financial inclusion for all Indonesian people at every level of the economy.

"Aside from Agen46, the KPM can also [get the] non-cash social assistance through ATMs, through BNI branch offices or through other Himbara Banks," Susi said, closing the conversation.


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