Don’t be left out in the dark: BNI Showcases Sophisticated Features in JJF 2019

Jakarta, March 1, 2019 – The annual jazz music festival, BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019, starts today. A number of collaborations between musicians have been prepared in an orderly, packed schedule, arranged to quench the thirst of music lovers in Indonesia and to give center stage to the musicians, either Indonesian or international. All meet in one place: the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019.

However, do not miss out on the other side of the music festival called Music Unites Us All. If you pay close attention to all the corners of Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran that plays host to the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019, you will find various cool, sophisticated, new features from BNI. While enjoying the beautiful music of various musicians, you can also enrich your knowledge of latest banking products in one place and at one time.

The presence of the latest banking technology from BNI can be seen a moment before entering the queue that forms in the entrance area. One of them is in the main entrance, the front area of Niaga Building Kemayoran. For the first time, BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019 obliges visitors to exchange their paper tickets for TapCash Bracelets.

BNI’s director of retail banking, Tambok P. Setyawati, said that all visitors should wear the TapCash Bracelet because the officers at the Entrance Gate will only let visitors in after they show the bracelet for scanning. Besides being the entry access tool, the TapCash Bracelet can also be used as a transaction tool.

After BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019, the TapCash Bracelet can be used like other TapCash cards, such as for Transjakarta buses or commuter line trains. There is no harm in having this TapCash Bracelet. Cool. Simple. It can become a souvenir that brings back your memories of BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019 in the future.

Smart Kiosk

Next is the Smart Kiosk. BNI is the first bank that has self-service account-opening machines and only visitors to BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019 can enjoy the facility in advance. BNI will put eight Smart Kiosk machines at the event to give customers the comfort of efficient and simple banking services.

It has many advantages. You only need to have an e-KTP to start using the Smart Kiosk machine. In the process, there is no interview with BNI Customer Service officer through the digital screen. It only requires a biometric scan or fingerprint to identify customers. It is very easy and simple as it only takes three to five minutes to make an account.

The good news is you can immediately choose the account type: either BNI Taplus, BNI Taplus Muda, or BNI Taplus Bisnis. An even better piece of news: You can also choose the card type, like Platinumor Gold, depending on your needs.

Vending Machines Tapcash

This machine is not less sophisticated. Usually, vending machine offer various foods and drinks that are paid automatically without any human intervention. This time, BNI presents a vending machine that provides TapCash cards. With the electronic machines, visitors can buy Tapcash or top up Tapcash, all self-service. Only this machine offers a special edition BNI Project Tapcash.

To ease visitors in getting a Tapcash Special Edition and topping up the credit self-service, we put eight Tapcash vending machines across the area of BNI Java Jazz Festival 2019.


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