BNI Now Has World Class Corporate University

Jakarta, March 19, 2019 --- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI), as one of the largest SOEs in Indonesia, is required to continue to develop its employees’ competencies, in order to keep updated with the quick changes in the business world. Therefore, the BNI management is committed to making BNI Corporate University a world-class institution for developing employee competencies.

Full commitment to building BNI Corporate University has been proven by BNI, having gained the Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). The accreditation indicates that BNI Corporate University has successfully demonstrated vision, mission, strategy, innovation and consistency in developing the competencies of BNI employees in operational practices.

The EFMD is a well-known accreditation institution from Europe that verifies corporate employee development institutions. So far, the EFMD has accredited 766 learning institutions worldwide. The news that the EFMD had accredited BNI Corporate University, a proud moment for BNI, Indonesia SOEs and Indonesia, was revealed in a discussion on BNI Newest Update held in Jakarta, Tuesday (March 19, 2019). Present at the occasion was BNI compliance director Endang Hidayatullah, who also served as a coach for BNI Corporate University.

According to Endang, it takes serious effort to make BNI Corporate University a world-class educational institution, because there are 35 standards that need to be met in a comprehensive and detailed manner. BNI is considered to have exceeded 11 standards out of the 35 standards required.

"Furthermore, BNI was invited to the inauguration and presentation gala at the EFMD Annual General Assembly from June 5 to 7 in Carcavelos (Lisbon), Portugal. BNI was invited as the newest full member and the first bank in Asia to achieve prestigious accreditation in the field of learning," he said.

Several things that made BNI Corporate University outstanding are the success of shifting the learning mindset, from Learning at the Learning Center to Learner as the Center of Learning. This learning mindset means that every BNI employee can study anytime and anywhere, supported by digital technology that facilitates access to study without having to go to the learning center.

The EFMD also recognized BNI Corporate University for its many innovations, such as the DEEP program (Daily Employee Exercise Program). This program enables every BNI employee to answer one question related to their work field, one question every day, using their device.

In addition, BNI made another breakthrough by democratizing learning. It is referring to the individual learning budget provided to every individual, called the BLW (BNI Learning Wallet) that can be used by every employee to get education according to their personal needs.

In this era when digitalization is becoming a necessity, BNI with the tagline #BNItuDigital, answers the challenges of digital learning by creating BNI Smarter (Integrated Learning System). It is a One Stop Learning Platform, where every employee can improve their competence by accessing learning materials, accessing experts’ contact numbers, seeking public training, doing a mentoring-coaching activity, and so on only by using their own device.

Regarding all the innovations mentioned above, the EFMD even requested permission from BNI to make the new philosophy of Learner as the Center of Learning, DEEP, BLW, and BNI Smarter as a Case Study that could be a learning tool for other corporate universities around the world.


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