BNI Supports Cashless Disbursement of Allowance for Indonesian Army Soldiers

Jakarta, March 21, 2019 — PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) has expanded its cooperation with the Indonesian Army (TNI AD) in providing services to disburse the performance allowance to soldiers.

In launching the cooperation, TNI AD Finance Director Brig. Gen. Temas and BNI Institutional Relations Director Adi Sulistyowati signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Jakarta on Tuesday, March 21, 2019, which was witnessed by TNI AD Chief of Staff Gen. Andika Perkasa and BNI President Director Achmad Baiquni.

Both parties expect the cooperation to ensure the smooth and efficient disbursement of the allowance to eligible soldiers, so that the financial rights of all soldiers will be fulfilled, even for those stationed in the country’s remotest defense areas.

"Through this collaboration, we want to increase the prosperity for all soldiers in the Army, from those in charge at headquarters to those assigned to the outermost borders of Indonesia. We expect that their salaries and performance allowances will be spent on more productive activities,” Andika said.

Achmad Baiquni explained that the state-owned lenders would be supporting the soldiers in managing their finances, including for the long term through savings and other financial tools.

BNI also provides a “welfare package” for soldiers that comprises a consumer credit facility, loan facility and entrepreneurial pre-retirement training, as well as mortgage facility for babinsa, or non-commissioned officers.

Army personnel can freely take advantage of BNI's e-banking facilities, including SMS banking, Internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking and phone banking for all transactions. These facilities offer ease in completing transactions such as purchasing mobile phone credit, paying electricity bills and buying travel tickets.


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