BNI Provides Various Promotions for Emerald Customers in INACRAFT 2019

Jakarta, April 28, 2019 --- Bank Negara Indonesia (Ltd.) or BNI always strives to provide special services to all its customers, especially for BNI Emerald customers or BNI priority customers. On a recent occasion, BNI Emerald presented Anne Avantie's Exclusive Trunk Show Collections at INACRAFT 2019 in Merak Room 1 - Lower Lobby Jakarta Convention Center on Sunday, April 28th, 2019. BNI and Anne Avantie collaborated in presenting a display of Work & Story of the inspiring figure, Anne Avantie in "Stories about Mothers".

Present at the event were Chairman of BNI Wealth Management Division Neny Asriany and Chairperson of Association of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters and Producers (ASEPHI) Thamrin Bustami.

Neny Asriany stated, "Collaborating with well-known Indonesian fashion designer Anne Avantie through her various collections of kebaya is indeed something special. This is an offering that we give to BNI Emerald customers. We also provide various promotions to Emerald customers in INACRAFT 2019. Today, specifically for the first 30 BNI Emerald customers who transacted using the BNI Emerald World debit card at Anne Avantie's booth will get cash back worth Rp. 1 million with a minimum purchase of Rp. 10 million."

Moreover, BNI customers can also enjoy a variety of other attractive promotions in INACRAFT 2019. They can enjoy up to Rp. 5 million cash back, Jakarta - Bangkok return tickets with BNI credit cards and debit cards and 0% installments up to 12 months with BNI credit card. BNI also provides bag deposit facilities in the redemption booth that can be used simply by showing the BNI Emerald World debit card, BNI World Signature credit card, BNI Garuda Signature credit card, or BNI Infinite credit card.

"For women's daily needs, BNI Emerald presents various interesting programs in the form of special programs for groceries, café, restaurants, local and international fashion labels, and hospitals. Besides, BNI Emerald is always present through reliable Relationship Managers who can help customers manage their finances and investments," Neny quipped.

BNI Emerald through its worldwide privileges and benefits always provides convenience in supporting the lifestyle of its customers. When traveling within and outside the country, BNI Emerald customers can enjoy airport lounge services and airport limousine services both at home and abroad. The customers can also get special rates at hotel/resorts and for helicopter and private jet services with a special price.


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