Launching of Smart SIM trial at the 64th Anniversary of Bhayangkara Traffic Day

Jakarta, 22 September 2019 – Taking place at the Basket Indoor Basket Building Senayan Gelora Bung Karno, on Sunday morning started from 08.00 WIB, Korlantas POLRI held the 64th Bhayangkara Traffic Day thanksgiving event with the theme "With the promoter spirit, the National Police Traffic Police optimizes IT-based traffic services to support the Road Safety program".

The event also presented awards to 28 members of the National Police who excel in the field of traffic, as well as awards to 11 ex heads of the Indonesian Police Traffic Corps for their service in the field of traffic.

Korlantas POLRI as a public servant in traffic services will continue to strive to improve better services for the community of traffic users. In accordance with the demands of the changing times in the industrial revolution era 4.0, the National Police Traffic Corps continues to innovate in order to improve public services in the field of traffic, so that it is expected to continue to improve Road Safety for the wider community of traffic users.

In the Bhayangkara Traffic Anniversary event in collaboration with Bank BNI, a Smart SIM trial was launched for a limited circle within the Indonesian National Police. This Smart SIM has 3 functions, namely storing data of SIM receiver, historical data of traffic violations and electronic money. Especially for electronic money currently only uses BNI electronic money or BNI TapCash. In the future Korlantas will also open this Smart SIM by using electronic money of Himbara Banks as well as other Banks.

"Congratulations and success on the 64th anniversary of Bhayangkara traffic and success for the National Police Traffic Corps that continues to carry out digital innovations to improve traffic services for the community so that Road Safety for traffic users is achieved." said Susi Adi Sulistyowati, the Institute Relations Director of BNI, who attended the 64th Bhayangkara anniversary event at GBK.

Susi Adi Sulistyowati also added that the presence of Smart SIM initiated by Korlantas POLRI, Bank Indonesia, OJK and Bank BNI will provide added value to Driver License function so that in the future Diver License will not only function as a driving license, but added the function of storing Driver License owner’s data, data history of Driver License card traffic violations and also as electronic money that can be used for payment of ticketed violation fines, TOL payments, Commuter Line train payments, Transjakarta Bus payments, parking payments and other functions of electronic money. However, this time the function of electronic money is only a limited trial within the POLRI environment according to a license from Bank Indonesia. Function of the new electronic money will be widely opened to public after obtaining a license from Bank Indonesia. Smart SIM is a tool for BI and OJK and BNI to improve financial literacy for the wider community.

The newly launched Smart SIM is currently only being issued by BNI only according to the approval given from BI and OJK.

Bank BNI as a Government Bank that always carries out digital innovations in its services is ready to support the Korlantas POLRI digitalization programs in order to improve traffic services and also make it easier for public to obtain traffic services, such as now BNI has participated in the Samsat Online program.

In the future, Bank BNI will continue to participate in the Korlantas POLRI digital services programs among others: Online Driver License registration, e-tilang payment and other various digital innovations of Korlantas POLRI.


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