Capability Increased, BNI KUR Debtors in Lumajang and Gresik Now Upgrading

Capability Increased, BNI KUR Debtors in Lumajang and Gresik Now Upgrading

Lumajang, 11 September 2019 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) once again distributed "Upgraded" People’s Business credit (KUR) to entrepreneurs who continue to increase their capabilities and competitiveness. After distributing in Labuan Bajo (Monday, 9 September 2019) and Denpasar (Tuesday, 10 September 2019), this time BNI also provided KUR to MSME entrepreneurs and farmers in Lumajang and Gresik Regions.

The submission was symbolically carried out by the President Director of BNI, Achmad Baiquni and witnessed by the Indonesian Minister of SOEs, Rini M. Soemarno and the Regent of Lumajang, Thoriqul Haq at Ranupani Lake, Lumajang, East Java, Wednesday (11 September 2019). A similar procession was also held in Gresik, East Java.

The General Manager of Small Business Division 2 of BNI, Bambang Setyatmojo said, to further boost KUR distribution, BNI also distributes "Upgraded" KUR to its debtors. The debtor is an MSME entrepreneur who deals in fields including tourism, trade, animal husbandry, convection and farmers.

"Upgraded” means an increased credit facility provided by BNI to debtors. On this occasion, some debtors were upgraded from Micro KUR (maximum limit of Rp. 25 million) to Small KUR (maximum limit of Rp. 500 million) and Small KUR were beneficiaries of BNI Entrepreneurial loans (BWU) (maximum limit of Rp. 1 billion). "Of course, the increase in credit facilities is based on an increasingly advanced debtor business and increased repayment capability," said Bambang.

Until August 2019, the Realization of KUR Distribution by BNI has reached Rp 12.85 trillion or 80% of the 2019 target. Most of KUR was distributed to the production sector, which reached 51.8% of the total KUR that had been distributed until August 2019.

On the same occasion BNI also provided Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance in the form of hardening along 735 M Environmental/village Road in Karanganyar Village, Lumajang Regency; providing 4 dairy cows to Karanganyar Village, Lumajang Regency; and providing 10 Trash bins in Ranupani Tourism Village. 


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