BNI Welcomes Prestigious Celebration to Lisbon

Portugal, 6 June 2019 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) was invited to Carcavelos (Lisbon), Portugal to attend the inauguration ceremony as the newest full member of European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). This also makes BNI the first bank in Asia to achieve prestigious accreditation in the field of learning from EFMD.

This prestigious award was won by BNI because it was considered successful in developing BNI Corporate University. BNI is considered successful in showing its vision, mission, strategy, innovation, and consistency in the practice of developing BNI employees’ competency development. For this reason, EFMD provides Corporate Learning Improvement Process (CLIP) accreditation to BNI.

The submission of the CLIP Accreditation certificate from EFMD to BNI was held in Lisbon, Portugal, Thursday (6 June 2019). The event was part of the 2019 EFMD Annual Conference which took place since 5 June 2019.

The CLIP certificated submitted by the EFMD Associate Director Corporate Services, Dr Martin Moehrle and the Director General & CEO of EFMD and EFMD Global Network, Eric Cornuel to the President Commissioner of BNI, Ari Kuncoro. Also present on that occasion were the Human Capital and Compliance Director of BNI, Endang Hidayatullah and BNI’s Commissioner, Pataniari Siahaan.

Endang Hidayatullah said, BNI as one of the largest SOEs in Indonesia is demanded to continue to develop the competence of its employees so that they can always adapt to business changes more quickly. Therefore, BNI's management is committed to making BNI Corporate University an institution for developing employee competencies with world-class standards.

To make BNI Corporate University a world-class educational institution requires serious effort, because there are 35 standards that need to be met comprehensively and in detail. BNI, in this case, is considered to have exceeded 11 of the 35 required standards.

Several matters that excel at BNI Corporate University are the success of shifting the mindset of learning from Learning at the Learning Center to Learner as the Center of Learning, meaning that every BNI employee can learn anytime, anywhere, supported by digitizing technology that facilitates access to learning without having to come to the learning center.

BNI Corporate University is also recognized by the EFMD to produce many breakthroughs such as DEEP (Daily Employee Exercise Program) program, where BNI employees through their respective devices only need to answer one question every day with the type of questions according to their daily work field.

In addition, BNI makes breakthrough through learning democratization, where BNI provides a popular individual learning budget called BLW (BNI Learning Wallet) that can be used by each employee to get learning according to their individual needs.

In this digital era that is increasingly inevitable, BNI answers the challenges of digital learning by creating a BNI Smarter (Integrated Learning System) which is a One Stop Learning Platform, where every employee can access learning material, contact experts, seek public training, conduct coaching-mentoring, and so on through their respective devices to improve their competence.

Regarding the breakthroughs in the above learning fields, EFMD even asked for permission from BNI to make the new philosophy of Learner as the Center of Learning, DEEP, BLW, and BNI Smarter as the Case Studies that could become learning facilities for other Corporate Universities throughout the world.

EFMD Internasional Conference 2019 itself was attended by 576 participants from 60 countries, the participants come from various Education institutions, associations and professionals to overcome challenges in management development and together to overcome problems surrounding strategic issues and best practices in the field of human resources, leadership, management development and education in the world with expert speakers from United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, USA, France, Portuguese and Italian. The concept of this year's program is Trust, Partnership and Impact.


About EFMD

EFMD is a global and non-profit organization dedicated to testing corporate employee development institutions. EFMD is recognized globally as an accrediting body for business schools, business school programs, and corporate universities with 900+ members in 91 countries. EFMD acts as a catalyst to promote and enhance excellence in management development globally by playing a central role in shaping a global approach to management education and providing a forum for information, research, networking, innovation and best practices.

EFMD's head office is based in Brussels, Belgium and several offices in Geneva, Hong Kong, Miami and Prague. So far EFMD has accredited 766 learning institutions throughout the world.

The EFMD Annual Conference is held as an event designed for interested parties who have an interest in improving education and management development. In addition to EFMD members, the parties invited to attend the event are educational institutions and companies interested in developing human resources. The participants who attended this conference had the opportunity to participate in various discussions on various themes. 


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