This Is How BNI Invites MSME Partners in Penetrating Office Market

Jakarta, 24 May 2019 --- There was something extraordinary in the Grha BNI lobby, the Head Office of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI), in the last three days. The usual empty and quiet lobby space is now crowded with products of BNI-fostered partners from various cities in Indonesia, and all of them are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

They were presented by BNI starting from Padang, West Sumatra; to Sumba, West Nusa Tenggara, to Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan directly to one of the busiest offices and business centers in Jakarta, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman area. This is the SOEs Creative House Bazaar (RKB), which was held specifically to pave the way for MSME practitioners guided by BNI towards the modern office market.   

Through this Bazaar, MSME operators who are, on average, producers can find new buyers. The office workers can be buyers who easily find their favorite items at low prices, because they are directly sold by the producers. That is the symbiotic relationship of mutualism that BNI has built creatively through a Bazaar. This is also the spirit of BNI's service during Ramadan 2019 which is tried to be conveyed to the economic warriors in the MSME segment, namely Let's Fold the Goodness.

Friday (24 May 2019) was the last day of RKB Bazaar which was participated by 20 MSMEs. They have been selling superior products since May 22, 2019. On the last day, the Bazaar was visited by the Consumer Business Director of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati. A few days before the other board of directors also visited, for example the Vice President Director of BNI, Herry Sidharta, and the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) and Network Director of BNI, Catur Budi Harto. 

According to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) and Network Director of BNI, Catur Budi Harto, various opportunities to open new markets have always been prepared by BNI to its MSME partners. This measure is one of the corporate efforts undertaken to encourage these entrepreneurs to improve their business.

"There are many products available from our partners, ranging from fashion, food, to handicrafts. The location of the bazaar in the center of Jakarta is indeed aimed at making it easier for BNI employees and the wider community to come and buy their products. Every people who buy, have indirectly helped advance the Indonesian economy with a simple step," said Catur.

Business partners invited to the RKB Bazaar this time included Shahda Style and Autik from RKB Bekasi; Randang Padang and Katuju Indonesia from RKB Padang; Sweet Sundae Ice Cream and Fox and Bunny from RKB Sleman; Pesisir Pangandaran from RKB Pangandaran; Kartika Cashew "Ukir Sari" from Wonogiri RKB; Fahaltex from RKB Tegal; Arya Cipta Mandiri from RKB Pontianak; Alisha Collection from RKB Banjarbaru; d'Fitra NATS from RKB Payakumbuh.

In addition, there were also Mool Leather from RKB Cilacap; Nursaida from RKB Bantaeng; Saqbe Mandar from RKB Mamuju; Batik Tebo by Riski Danang from RKB Tebo; Aulia from North Bengkulu RKB; Ratu Boutique from Southwest Sumba RKB; and partners from RKB Banyuwangi and RKB Central Sumba.


Benefits for MSMEs

The MSMEs invited to the RKB BNI Bazaar get many benefits. In addition to getting new buyers, the products that have been brought all the way to Jakarta are also selling well. As experienced by Harti Ningsih, a businessman in Packaged Rendang, Subana Bana Randang Padang.

"I brought 80 kilograms rendang to this Bazaar, and it almost runs out. Many people still looking for this product.  For those who don't get rendang, we ask to order online, then we will deliver it," said Harti.

Harti also received blessings from the friendly gathering with many people in the BNI RKB Bazaar. Among other things there is a solution for the supply of beef as rendang basic ingredient, so she could have produced even more rendang. The certainty of the meat raw ingredient supply makes Harti more calm in supplying its main buyers, who are also rendang exporters to several countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.


All Training Center

To encourage the MSMEs to upgrade their business, BNI not only held Bazaar, but also a variety of training. This is where the Agent of Development function embedded in BNI continues to run.

Inviting MSMEs to be active in RKB is one of the ways for accelerating MSMEs to upgrade. RKB is a complete training center for SMEs in order to develop their business. The target is to be able to compete with products from well-known brands and even international brands.

When MSMEs already have the ability and wider exposure, of course they will be ready to compete. In the end, of course the o MSMEs business can be more advanced so that they can start absorbing labor and contribute in turning the Indonesian economy. 


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