BNI Distributes Health PPE to 7 Educational Hospitals dan Universities’ Reference Laboratories

Jakarta, 29 March 2020 --- In the midst of the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, many reference hospitals require Health Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the activities of medical personnel in handling Patients Under Surveillance (PDP) and Person in Monitoring (ODP). BNI is aware of this urgent need, so the company is now focusing on directing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance to distribute as much Health PPE as possible to health personnel who are at the forefront in handling COVID-19. The distribution of BNI Health PPE this time is directed to 7 Education Hospitals and Laboratories appointed as a reference for handling COVID-19 in the higher education environment.

The Institutional Relation Director of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto in Jakarta, Sunday (29 March 2020) said, BNI has distributed around 3,500 Health PPE gradually for Educational Hospitals and laboratories, namely at the University of Indonesia (UI), Brawijaya University (UB), Hasanuddin University (Unhas), Udayana University (Unud), Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Padjadjaran University (Unpad), and Airlangga University (Unair). This PPE distribution is intended so that officers at the forefront in handling COVID-19 receive maximum protection.

"The assistance provided is a form of mutual concern between BNI and the Educational Institutions, especially those who are managing Hospitals and COVID-19 Reference laboratories. What we are doing is also to help the community and the government in suppressing the spread of COVID-19 virus," he said.

In addition, BNI also provide maximum and comprehend assistance for various elements of society in public hospitals by providing 800 liters hand sanitizer, 5,000 medical gloves, 200,000 medical masks, 3 ambulances, and 5,000 Health PPE to be distributed to medical personnel at the COVID-19 reference hospitals throughout Indonesia.

“With these assistances, we hope that medical personnel can be better protected and get a sense of security while handling patients," Sis Apik said. 


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