BNI International Remittance, Ready To Be The Choice of 7 Million Indonesian Diaspora

BNI International Remittance,  Ready To Be The Choice of 7 Million Indonesian Diaspora

Jakarta, 19 July 2020 --- Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world did not eliminate the public's need for banking services, including 7 million Indonesian Diaspora abroad. One of the most needed services is a safe and easy money transfer service. This prompted PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) to further improve remittance services, including one of the most active transactions through Mobile Remittance (MoRe) application in Singapore.

In Semester I 2020, there were around 30,000 BNI MoRe application users. Remittance transactions from Singapore via BNI MoRe application also grew by 95.1% year on year (yoy) as of June 2020.

In Singapura, Friday (17 July 2020), the Indonesian Ambassador for Singapore, Ngurah Swajaya, said that BNI MoRe is one of BNI Singapore's tangible contributions to assist Indonesian Migrant Workers in transferring money digitally to families in Indonesia safely and easily.


Remittance Digitization in Various Countries

The Director of Treasury and International of BNI, Putrama Wahyu Setyawan comveyed, not only in Singapore, BNI also collaborates with fintech (financial technology) companies in various countries to facilitate Indonesian Diaspora who want to send money to Indonesia digitally. The cooperation also encourages the growth of BNI's remittance transactions in the country where BNI's overseas branch offices (KCLN) are located.

These countries are Taiwan (growing 55.9%), South Korea (growing 557.7%), Great Britain and Europe (growing 56.3%), and the United States (growing 147.4%). “BNI provides solutions to customers to be able to make remittance transactions safely. In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the facility prepared by BNI is very appropriate, because it is provided digitally without having to leave the house thereby reducing the risk of exposure to the virus. This is BNI's commitment to provide the best for more than 700 thousand customers abroad," Putrama said.

In addition to digitizing remittance transactions, the Overseas Branch Offices also plays an active role in helping to open BNI savings accounts for Indonesian Diaspora digitally through e-forms as well as assisting BNI Mobile Banking overseas activation processes. It is expected that the Diaspora will make transactions easier for their needs in Indonesia such as paying for electricity, BPJS, taxes and other transactions through BNI Mobile Banking.

Domestically, BNI also provides facilities to retail customers, especially expatriates who want to send money abroad digitally through the International Remittance feature on BNI Mobile Banking application. As of June 2020, International Remittance transactions on BNI Mobile Banking application have experienced growth of 49.1% compared to June 2019. 


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