Attorney General Office dan BNI Collaborate Strengthening Each Other’s Capacity

Jakarta, 24 July 2020 --- In the era of disruption, where change can take place fast, collaboration is one of the keys to the success of an institution or company in achieving its goals. Therefore, the Attorney General Office together with the entire line of Attorney General Offices throughout Indonesia simultaneously bind cooperation with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI. The collaboration of these two institutions will increase the capacity of each entity so that it will be more leverage in carrying out its role in the community.

The collaboration between the Attorney General’s and BNI's ranks was carried out symbolically at Sasana Pradana, Attorney General Office, Jakarta, Friday (24 July 2020). Attending the occasion were the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia, ST Burhanuddin and the BNI's Managing Director, Herry Sidharta. The signing of the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) was also carried out at regional level, namely between the High Prosecutor Office throughout Indonesia and the BNI Regional Office on Cooperation in the Framework of Supporting the Implementation of Duties and Functions which was carried out simultaneously by video conference.

There were six cooperation agreements signed namely CA concerning Legal Issues Handling in Civil and State Administration, CA concerning Optimization of Asset Recovery Activities, CA concerning Coordination of Banking Criminal Action Law Enforcement, Other General Criminal Action Related to Banking and Traffic Breach Cases, as well as CA concerning Strategic and Asset Development Security at BNI. In addition, there was CA concerning Banking Services Utilization in the Framework if Financial Management within the Environment of Attorney Office of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as CA concerning Human Resources Competencies Development.

Herry Sidharta conveyed, this cooperation is in line with the vision of the Indonesian Attorney General to become a professional, proportional and accountable law enforcement institution, where BNI provide the best banking services supported with a reliable technology. One focus in this collaboration is to improve the competency of the two institutions' personnel, which is marked by a cooperation agreement to develop human resource competencies. Through this cooperation it is expected to produce quality outputs that are reliable and able to adapt to current conditions.

BNI also provides financial management support for the Attorney's Office. Among others, the use of cash management technology will provide convenience and transparency in financial management within the Attorney's Office.

BNI also helps to maximize the Attorney's service function to the public by providing a Prosecutor's digitalization project that could also support the law enforcement process in the field of traffic. The public will get ease in settling payment of traffic violation fines.

"The payment process of violation fines and the return of fines can be done online. This will certainly be very helpful for the public if it is implemented during Covid-19 pandemic, where payment of traffic violation fines can be done through BNI’s various electronic channels. This of course can reduce physical contact between people, so the potential for spreading viruses due to crowds or physical contact can be reduced," Herry said. 


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