Foreign Bank Survey in Japan, BNI Rank Up

Jakarta, 7 September 2020 --- PT Bank Negara BNI as the only state-owned bank from Indonesia operating in Japan since 1959, has a mission to support the development of economic relations between Japan and Indonesia. As one of the banks with an international network, the Tokyo branch of BNI is able to position itself not inferior to other foreign banks operating in Japan in terms of performance. This is evidenced, among others, by the achievement of profits which are getting better from year to year.

Based on the “Foreign Banks in Japan Survey 2020” published by KPMG Global Financial Services on 11 August 2020, BNI Tokyo is in the 29th position out of a total of 56 foreign banks operating in Japan for the 2020 period, in terms of profit. The rating rose 10 levels from position 39 in the previous period.

The General Manager of BNI Tokyo, Muhamad Emil Azhary said that This achievement is higher than the performance of several other foreign banks which actually experienced a decline in 2020, whereas in terms of assets, these foreign banks were larger than BNI. 

This shows that BNI Tokyo is more efficient and more effective in optimizing earning assets and liabilities. In terms of efficiency, the survey placed BNI in 10th place out of 56 foreign banks in Japan, or an increase from 41st in 2019.

"In the future, BNI Tokyo will continue to maintain and improve the performance that has been achieved, one of which is by being selective in choosing portfolio of assets and continuing to look for new business opportunities amid the pandemic conditions and the global economic slowdown," Emil said.

BNI Tokyo Branch Office is based in Kokusai Building, Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Until Semester I 2020, BNI Tokyo Income Before Tax was recorded at USD 7.26 million, or grew 46% YoY, supported by the growth of Fee Based Income which rose 51% YoY to reach USD 3.35 million and Net Interest Income which grew 26% to reach USD 6.52 million. 


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