Outperforming 32 Global Companies, BNI Becomes the Best API Portal Developer

Outperforming 32 Global Companies, BNI Becomes the Best API Portal Developer

Jakarta, 26 November 2020 --- In supporting the busines strategy of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) to Go Global and Go Digital, the team of BNI API Digital Services participated in the event DevPortal Awards 2020 which is an award event intended for the best API Portal at the international level. BNI API Digital Services became the only Indonesian company that was successfully nominated.

In the Online Gala DevPortal Award 2020 event which was held online on 25 November 2020, BNI won the Best Overall Developer Portal - Community Prize Nominees category (, competing with 32 API Portals from global companies from other countries. In addition, BNI was also nominated for Best Onboarding and Best Accessible Devportal.

The event was attended by the Director of IT and Operations of BNI, YB Hariantono. Hariantono briefly shared the process of building the API portal, starting from a simple application with various obstacles to becoming a portal complete with various features such as sandboxing, documentation features and onboarding support systems, and has formed a community banking services ecosystem for its users.

Hariantono also added that as a pioneer in the banking sector in implementing open API in Indonesia through the 3S slogan, namely Sign up, Sandboxing, and Start your business, BNI has a complete number of API services and cooperation with the 3rd largest party in Indonesia. This feature reaches all segments of the digital business industry, including corporations, medium and small businesses, especially digital MSMEs.

"The API team that is owned by BNI is not a large team, but the API team succeeded because it learned from previous mistakes and experiences," he said.

This small API Developer Team of BNI is motivated to always be better in providing the best support for BNI in implementing Open Banking by utilizing API (Application Programming Interface) technology.

In its implementation in the banking world, API can strengthen b2b collaboration services with partners, eCommerce, Startups, FinTech or other 3rd party companies.

In 2018, BNI built “BNI API Digital Services” (, namely API portal which can make it easier for 3rd party developers to continue developing their applications in banking services, including transactions, account information, balances, payments, and remittances. Until now, BNI API Digital Services already has more than 200 APIs that can be used, and has collaborated with more than 3,000 partners or 3rd parties such as GoJek, Grab, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Traveloka, Lazada, and several other players in the digital business industry.

By having more than 95 million registered accounts, the BNI banking ecosystem has been created and well managed.


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