BNI Raises MSMEs’ Potential on Mother's Day 2020

BNI Raises MSMEs’ Potential on Mother's Day 2020

Jakarta, 22 December 2020 --- Mother's Day 2020 is the right moment to look back at the strong resilience of the family economy in Indonesia against the pressure of Covid-19 pandemic, where the main energy source is mothers. For this reason, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI commemorates Mother's Day 2020 which is collaborated with the Christmas 2020 celebration with the theme of Christmas Peace with the Love of Mother and Santa.

This Mother's Day celebration is focused at Rumah BUMN managed by BNI. Within Rumah, small and micro entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop their business, especially to penetrate a wider market.

On the occasion of this Mother's Day, BNI-fostered entrepreneurs at Rumah BUMN, namely women who produce various unique snacks in their respective regions. BNI distributes these snacks to Christians at orphanages and nursing homes celebrating Christmas 2020 within the framework of BNI Berbagi Program. There are 10 Rumah BUMN (RB) included in this program, namely Nias Selatan, RB Jayapura, RB Raja Ampat, RB Sumba Barat Daya, RB Sumba Tengah, RB Belu, RB Katingan, RB Sleman, RB Pontianak, and RB Bekasi.

To introduce the entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, BNI through Rumah BUMN invites children from Orphanages to learn to make cakes, decorate and carry out packaging, so that they get positive opportunities as their provision for the future.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI, Mucharom said that at the time of this pandemic, several sectors of the economy experienced a decline. The MSME sector, including those initiated and driven by mothers, is one of the economic recovery cornerstones at the lowest level which deserves attention. This has made women in the forefront of the economy and family pillars in resisting the pressure of Covid - 19 impact.

"The role of mothers is increasingly multitasking, apart from being a housewife who raises children at home, taking care of the house so that it is comfortable for all family members, now mothers can also become part of the backbone and the front line for family economic resilience. BNI also wants to participate a lot like that, as has been done by many mothers in Indonesia," he said.

Sri Mila Hardiana is an example of a mother who has successfully played multiple roles. She is a weaving business actor in Sukarara. "I am grateful to be able to help other women around me to become craftsmen and help their families' economy," she said.

Likewise with Heri Rusmiyati, Herviolet business actor. During the pandemic, a woman needs to be more creative in meeting her needs and also has to be sensitive to the needs of the closest community. "We continue to learn and adapt to circumstances, so that we can continue to survive," she said.

And Nita from Nita’s Pattiserie get blessings from her Cake & Bakery business. Either during Eid or Christmas, her business still gets a positive response from the public. 


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