BNI Collaborates with Agung Sedayu Group

BNI Collaborates with Agung Sedayu Group

Jakarta, 1 February 2021 -- Collaboration between banks and developers is one of the keys to successful growth in property sector as well as a significant trigger for an increase in the distribution of housing loans (KPR). Therefore, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI is collaborating with the developer group PT Agung Sedayu Group to accelerate the distribution of mortgages while stimulating housing growth in the primary market segment in Indonesia.

The synergy of the two companies was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) in Jakarta, Sunday (31 January 2021) which was carried out by BNI’s Sales Division Leader, Efrizal with the Director III of Agung Sedayu Group, Belly Djaliel and the Director I of Agung Sedayu Group, Yohanes Edmond Budiman. Present to witness the event was BNI’s Services & Networks Director, Ronny Venir, and BNI’s Consumer Business Director, Corina Leyla Karnalies.

Ronny mentioned, throughout 2020, BNI Housing Loan has recorded positive growth with a disbursement value of almost Rp. 9 trillion, where the market share of BNI compared to Indonesian banks is in the 3rd place, which is around 10%. The largest composition of KPR BNI is for the purchasing segment of the primary market. For 2021, BNI will continue to focus on the same segment for commercial housing purchases and subsidies in the primary market.

Ronny added, Agung Sedayu Group is one of the largest developers with prestigious housing projects located in the PIK 2 Area. The area is developing so rapidly and is a marker of high business potential of Agung Sedayu Group projects. The large potential has encouraged BNI to cooperate and be ready to meet the financing needs of Agung Sedayu Group consumers.

To support the collaboration between BNI and Agung Sedayu Group, BNI has prepared several conveniences for customers. These conveniences are provided in the form of flexibility in payment methods, namely Free Principal Installments of up to 2 years, Special Interest Rates, and Instant Approval Process (INSAP), which allows fast credit approval and document simplification for prospective borrowers. Several other facilities are also prepared specifically for Agung Sedayu Group consumers

Ronny said, as a form of BNI's seriousness with Agung Sedayu Group, BNI will present one BNI outlet in the PIK 2 area. The hope is that the opening of this outlet can bring all BNI banking services closer to customers at the PIK 2 location.

"In line with the spirit of digitization, BNI also provides convenience for submitting KPR BNI through (e-form) which can be accessed through the website or via BNI Mobile Banking application, so that customers no longer have to come to the BNI branch. Everything is simply in your hands, this is a BNI innovation to be able to meet customer needs during the pandemic period," concluded Ronny. 
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