BNI Prepares Credit Relaxation for Disaster Victims in NTT

BNI Prepares Credit Relaxation for Disaster Victims in NTT

Jakarta, 6 April 2021 -- Natural disasters that hit various areas in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) have caused serious damage to people's homes to public facilities, causing casualties, injuries, and evacuation. The material losses have not yet been calculated because residents are still focused on emergency response conditions. The wheels of economy were also disrupted, so that PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) was encouraged to ease the burden on victims by holding Credit Relaxation Program for residents affected by the disaster. The Credit Relaxation was conveyed by the President Director of BNI, Royke Tumilaar in Jakarta, Tuesday (6 April 2021).

Royke said that this credit relaxation was feasible to be given because the economic support facilities and sources of income for residents had been destroyed by the disaster, ranging from flooded agricultural land, swept away livestock, to disrupted centers of economic activity such as markets.  "The credit relaxation program that we provide to the affected communities includes payment delays, interest relief, and other programs that we hope will help ease the burden on people in NTT," he said.

Previously, BNI distributed aid for victims of natural disasters in NTT. This aid was channeled to alleviate the impact of disasters during the emergency response period. Aid is distributed to areas worst affected by the disaster. BNI has prepared it in Adonara, East Flores, Kupang and Malacca. The aid that BNI has prepared, consists of medicines, rice, instant milk, instant noodles, mats, clean water, and blankets. The aid is expected to have arrived at the disaster site Monday evening.

"The information we have captured from residents who have lost their agricultural land and livestock, residents expect the attention of the government and banks to provide assistance and relaxation of the KUR loan facility or credit for affected SMEs in the affected area," said Royke.

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