BNI Supports UI Goes Digital Through Campus Financial Ecosystem

BNI Supports UI Goes Digital Through Campus Financial Ecosystem

Jakarta, 28 October 2021 -- The development of the digital world has increasingly penetrated into banking services. The campus world cannot be separated from the transformation of digital banking transactions. Therefore, as a bank that is very close to the campus environment and student friendly, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) collaborates with the University of Indonesia (UI) to provide complete services for the entire academic community, one of the best universities in Indonesia.  This collaboration in the form of the Campus Financial Ecosystem marks a new chapter of BNI's service for UI which has been going on for 40 years. 

To coincide with Youth Pledge Day, BNI and UI kicked off the Campus Financial Ecosystem by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Tri Dharma of Higher Education & Provision of Banking Services. This Kick Off will be held virtually on Thursday (28 October 2021). Present on the occasion were the Chancellor of UI, Ari Kuncoro, the Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto, and Consumer Business Director, Corina Leyla Karnalies.

This MoU is stated in several Cooperation Agreements (PKS) which include BNI Payment Integration which supports UI Goes Digital, Cash Management, Ecosmart, Management of BNI Makara Investment Endowment Fund, and cooperation in the distribution of BNI Flexion for Postgraduate Student Education for Master/Doctoral Degree. In addition, there is also an MCC regarding Payment of Tuition Fees using Credit Card Installment; PKS Internship, scholarships and recruitment of prospective BNI employees. In addition, BNI has also prepared a Digital Entrepreneur program to support UI-assisted

MSMEs through BNI Edu Preneur program. The Chancellor of UI, Ari Kuncoro said, that the launch of UI Goes Digital is a very appropriate momentum for BNI to participate in encouraging the transformation of UI into the digitalization area through financial services and systems developed by BNI. BNI provides integrated digital solutions in order to provide efficiency and effectiveness in managing activities at UI in the form of Corporate Support, Consumer Product Services, Cash Management System, and other IT solutions. 

Meanwhile, BNI’s of Institutional Relations Director, Sis Apik Wijayanto said, BNI is committed to being able to provide digital-based integrated financial solutions and according to the needs of the entire academic community, from financial solutions for UI campus, lecturers or teaching staff, staff, students, even wider, to the families of students and business people around the UI campus. 

“We do all of this so that all of our customers can make financial transactions safely, quickly, comfortably, and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. For individual customers we develop mobile banking services, and for institutions/companies we develop cash management solutions,” said Sis.

Digital Ambassador

Meanwhile, Corina Leyla Karnalies said that on this occasion, BNI also chose BNI Digital Ambassadors, who were selected UI student representatives. The selection of this ambassador aims to increase financial literacy and inclusion of students and the surrounding environment, especially in optimizing BNI's financial transaction features. These facilities, among others, are embedded in the BNI Mobile Banking application, which is very suitable for the lifestyle of UI students who are dominated by millennials.

"It is hoped that this Digital Ambassador Program can encourage creativity and communication skills of students in disseminating BNI digital services and encouraging a cashless society. Of course, the selected BNI Digital Ambassadors will receive several benefits, from certificates to obtaining credit points as future BNI talents. And most importantly, BNI Digital Ambassadors can carry out internships at BNI and have the potential to become BNI employees," said Corina.

Previously, BNI has also collaborated with UI related, currently UI has enjoyed several of its services and has been proven to facilitate transactions and financial management of the UI campus, including API Cash Management, Student Payment Center (SPC) Host to Host, Payroll, Use of Student Identity Cards & Employee Cards with Tapcash, BNI Griya & Employee Flexion, Parking Payment using BNI EDC, UI Affinity Credit Card (UI Card), UI Iluni Debit Card, UI Investment Makara Cooperation for UI endowment fund management, as well as Student Recruitment & Internship.

For more information, please contact:
BNI Corporate Secretary 
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