BNI Launches Credit Card for Golf Enthusiasts in Collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Golf Course Owners (APLGI)

BNI Launches Credit Card for Golf Enthusiasts in Collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Golf Course Owners (APLGI)

Jakarta, 17 November 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is in collaboration with the Association of Indonesian Golf Course Owners (APLGI) in launching BNI APLGI Credit Card. BNI APLGI Credit Card will be present as a payment solution that provides various benefits and advantages, especially for golf fans, both old golfers and newcomer golfers.

BNI APLGI Credit Card was launched in Jakarta, Wednesday (17 November 2021). This event was attended by BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar, BNI’s Consumer Business Director, Corina Leyla Karnalies, Corporate Banking Director, Silvano Rumantir, APLGI’s General Chairperson, HM Tachril Sapi'ie, APLGI’s Chairperson I, Budiarsa Sastrawinata, APLGI’s Chairperson II, Daya Zakir, and Visa Indonesia’s President Director, Riko Abdurrahman.

Corina said that BNI and APLGI as the parent association of golf course owners throughout Indonesia share a common vision, namely to develop and promote golf in Indonesia.  "We hope that the collaboration with APLGI in the launch of the BNI Credit Card - APLGI can help the development of golf to become a more popular sport among the people of Indonesia, this collaboration is in line with the image of BNI Credit Card which is known to always provide innovation and convenience for its users. In addition, BNI Credit Cards always provide attractive promo programs, including promos for transactions at sports category merchants," she said.

In the midst of this pandemic, golf has become one of the sports choices that are increasingly in demand by the public, including millennials. BNI-APLGI Credit Card comes in 2 (two) types of card variants, namely Platinum and Signature. For newcomer golfers from the first jobber or millennial segment, they can have a card with the Platinum variant, where BNI has also prepared a special vertical card design with a playful color combination that matches the millennial character.

BNI - APLGI Credit Card users will be able to enjoy benefits, namely special prices with discounts of up to 10% for purchasing The Card membership. The Card is a loyalty membership product owned by APLGI. By becoming a member of The Card, cardholders can enjoy benefits when playing at 44 golf courses in Indonesia, namely special prices with discounts of up to 70% for Green Fees and 10% discounts at selected Driving Ranges.  

Not only that, cardholders will also get an additional 5% cashback for green fees at 59 golf courses throughout Indonesia that are members of APLGI. To complement the convenience of playing golf, BNI-APLGI Credit Card also offers an additional 5% cashback for every transaction at golf-related merchants, such as driving ranges, golf equipment and merchandise, as well as cafes or restaurants located on a golf course.

In the future, there will be more promo programs offered to cardholders to increase satisfaction and provide more benefits in playing golf and transacting using BNI APLGI Credit Card. "So that customers can enjoy the promo to the fullest, we recommend that you immediately submit the BNI APLGI Credit Card application online via e-form at," said Corina.

Furthermore, Corina explained that until YTD October 2021, shopping payment transactions using BNI Credit Cards at golf category merchants increased by 26% year on year (yoy) which was inseparable from significant changes in the pattern of sports activities during this pandemic.

On this occasion, H.M Tachril Sapi'ie as the General Chairperson of APLGI also said that the Covid-19 pandemic had triggered the increasing enthusiasm of the Indonesian people for golf. 

Tachril considered that the increasing number of golf was influenced by 2 things, namely the Work From Home (WFH) policy which occurred a lot during the PPKM period, as well as the preferences of people who tend to choose safe sports during the pandemic, including sports that are played outdoors and minimal physical contact with other people such as golf.

APLGI believes that cooperation with BNI can further excite Indonesians to try golf. APLGI believes BNI has a mission that is in line with APLGI to always innovate to provide convenience and comfort for golf fans, especially in terms of transactional. "By collaborating with BNI through the launch of BNI APLGI Credit Card, we can always provide education and socialization to the public so they don't have to hesitate to try golf," said Tachril.
Contactless Technology

BNI APLGI Credit Card is equipped with Contactless technology from Visa, so it can be used for offline transactions using an EDC machine safely and comfortably. Contactless technology has become commonplace in everyday life, and is increasingly becoming an option because it allows a fast, secure, and convenient way of paying, without touching.

Globally, Visa contactless or tap-to-pay transactions have grown and are widely adopted. The Asia Pacific region is leading the adoption of contactless payments, where of the total Visa card transactions made face-to-face, more than 50% use contactless cards or the tap to pay method.

In a number of destination countries for Indonesian tourists, such as Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Taiwan, the portion of contactless card payments accounts for more than 75% of the total face-to-face Visa card transactions.


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