BNI Expands Corporate Green Banking of Rp. 6.1 trillion

BNI Expands Corporate Green Banking of Rp. 6.1 trillion

Jakarta, 15 April 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) continues to encourage the potential of green Banking in line with the increasing trend of green business investment. BNI noted that at least Rp6.1 trillion of corporate pipelines of environmentally sound business activities in the first quarter of this year have been disbursed and are currently undergoing the credit agreement process.

The Green Banking segments that received this credit distribution are included the renewable energy sector, the construction of environmentally friendly buildings, and environmentally friendly transportation.

BNI’s Corporate Banking Director Silvano Rumantir said that the investment trend slowly began to improve at the beginning of this year, especially from the environmentally sound corporate debtor segment.

In addition to giving priority to debtors in carrying out sustainable business activities, BNI also sees many potential projects that can support the source of BNI's credit performance growth this year.

"Green Banking growth at the beginning of this year was quite good. This year, we also continue to support government policies and the OJK in providing green incentives to debtors who reduce carbon emissions, which can be in the form of lowering interest rates, easing loan terms or adding credit facilities for debtors which include: in the green sector," he said.

Silvano said the company implemented a green economy approach through the Bank's Sustainable Finance Action Plan (RAKB). Several steps were taken, among others, first, the gradual integration of sustainable finance in the industrial sector. Second, the company is proactive in increasing the understanding of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) aspects for employees as well as customers and debtors.

Third, BNI itself has a consumptive program or product that is included in the Criteria for Sustainable Business Activities (KKUB) and continues to be optimized. Fourth, the application of sustainable finance in risk management to ensure the sustainable growth of the green Banking business.
"Finally, BNI continues to expand credit to sectors that include and are related to green & sustainable Banking."


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