Responding to Disaster, BNI and SOEs Work Together to Help Cianjur Residents

Responding to Disaster, BNI and SOEs Work Together to Help Cianjur Residents

Cianjur, Wednesday (23/11/2022) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI together with all state-owned companies worked together to help the people of Cianjur, West Java who were affected by the earthquake disaster. By joining the SOE Disaster Task Force, it is hoped that the burden on the victims can be lighter and recover soon, so that they can quickly return to their activities.

According to BMKG, there was an earthquake on Monday (21/11/2022) with a magnitude of 5.6. Hundreds of people died, and thousands were injured as a result of the earthquake. Many people were also materially affected due to the destruction of their houses so that they had to evacuate.

In his statement, SOE Minister Erick Thohir said that state-owned companies must be present in the midst of affected communities, accompany them, and convey the message that they are not alone.

"In the future, of course, we will also focus on helping restore a number of facilities such as schools, houses of worship, health services affected by the earthquake," he said.

Erick said that the SOE Disaster Task Force (Satgas) and the SOE Foundation will move quickly to help deal with the impact of the earthquake in Cianjur.

"SOEs through the SOE Disaster Task Force and the SOE Foundation for Indonesia went directly to the affected locations," he said.

BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo said that as a state-owned bank, the company has a responsibility to help people in distress.

This shows that state-owned companies not only contribute to economic value creation, but also help the country, especially in difficult periods such as earthquake disasters.

"We are sorry for the victims affected by the earthquake. We hope the victims can quickly recover and start rebuilding their homes and lives," he said.

The assistance program distributed by BNI is an initial assistance to support basic needs during emergency response, in the form of rice, sugar, oil, instant noodles, blankets, mukena and drilled wells for access to clean water.

In addition, BNI was appointed by the Ministry of SOEs to be the coordinator of the medical and trauma healing division together with IHC, Biofarma and Antam by building tents in critical areas in Cianjur.

BNI has also prepared the distribution of further assistance in the form of mineral water, instant noodles, canned sardines, oil, glass noodles, shredded meat, sanitary napkins, and children's diapers.

"As part of the SOE disaster task force with several other SOEs, BNI moved quickly by setting up several posts to help victims who needed medical assistance and as a distribution point for assistance. BNI will also create a trauma healing post by opening a children's playground," he said.



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