Winning International Award, BNI Encourages Ecosystem Digitization

Winning International Award, BNI Encourages Ecosystem Digitization

Jakarta, Monday (5/12/2022) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) won the award as The Best International & Localized DevPortal in the DevPortal Award 2022.

BNI outperformed other nominees including the Singapore Government Developer Portal, Plaid docs from the United States, and Developer Hub by OLX Group from the Netherlands.

As for, in the DevPortal Award 2022, BNI is included in four nomination categories, namely Operational Excellence - Best International & Localized Devportal, Developer Experience - Best Onboarding, Business Alignment - Best Served API Business Model, dan The Best Overall Dev Portal - Best Enterprise DevPortal.

Since 2020, BNI has participated in the DevPortal Awards and won the Dev Portal Community Prize two years in a row, namely in 2020 and 2021.

"We appreciate this award. This is the result of our commitment to continue developing API technology so that it can support digital ecosystem businesses in Indonesia and of course with API technology the cost of connectivity infrastructure becomes much cheaper, easier and faster so we hope to help MSME businesses go digital," said Okki Rushartomo, BNI Corporate Secretar.

DevPortal Awards is an international award event to nominate the Best Developer Portal based on several categories from all companies in the world that use API technology.

The best categories and winners are evaluated and selected by an independent group of judges consisting of experts who have extensive experience with API programs, developer portals, and API documentation.

DevPortal Award participants have increased from year to year. In DevPortal Award 2022, there are 41 participants including Mercedes, Visa, Singapore Government, UK Government, Chase, Kroger, Standard Chartered, Shell and many more.

API is the key enabler for the future digitization of the business ecosystem. Therefore, the quality of the API Portal as the first touch point for potential partners must always be improved.

Improvements continue to be made by the team so that the quality of the BNI Portal API is getting better over time.

One of the ecosystems targeted by BNI with its API capabilities is the MSME ecosystem.

With the API, the MSME ecosystem can go digital by integrating into the BNI system faster and cheaper, because it only needs to use an internet network that can be accessed throughout the area, no longer requiring a conventional model (host to host).

In addition, with API, integration can also be done easily, because the message format has met Bank Indonesia's SNAP (National Standard Open API Payment) standardization and with the sandbox, MSME partners can conduct trials first before finally integrating with the BNI system. (*)



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