BNI and AFPI Promotes the Acceleration of Digitalization in the Financial Services Industry

BNI and AFPI Promotes the Acceleration of Digitalization in the Financial Services Industry

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI in collaboration with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association (AFPI) opened a business matching session that explained the synergy between the government, associations and fintech industry players to encourage progress in digitalization, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as how to synergize for an ecosystem. This session also discussed Fintech in general and Fintech Lending in particular.

Another objective of the Business Matching is to introduce Fintech P2P Lending with BNI, connect Fintech P2P Lending licensed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) with BNI and its ecosystem. Educate BNI products as institutional funding for Fintech P2P Lending, and create collaborative human resources. The event will be held at Royal Ambarukmo, Yogyakarta, on Tuesday (13/12/2022).

Present at the business matching session were Sunu Widyatmoko Secretary General Co-founder and CEO of Dompet Kilat, Tris Yulianta Director of Fintech OJK Regulation, Licensing and Supervision and Teddy Wishadi Head of BNI Product Management Division.

In the event, BNI explained the evolution of banking services in welcoming the presence of Fintech as well as the innovation of BNI products and solutions both B2B and B2C as well as ecosystems such as API Corporate, BNI Griya and Digital Opening Account (DOA).

For information, on 10-11 November 2022, the fourth Indonesia Fintech Summit was held, which is the flagship program of Bulan Fintech Nasional (BFN) which aims to bring together local and international fintech founders, regulators, financial institutions, investors, academics, and stakeholders.

This event is primarily to discuss the latest industry and regulatory topics, develop networks, and formulate advocacy strategies or actions to accelerate digitalization in the financial services industry and encourage the acceleration of national economic recovery.

Bulan Fintech Nasional (BFN) 2022 will end with a BFN Expo and closing ceremony that can be attended by the general public offline in Yogyakarta.

In his statement, BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo said that BNI has collaborated with Fintech and Information Technology-Based Joint Funding Services (LPBBTI) since 2017 until present.

The collaboration started with the Virtual Account API and One Gate Payment API as a collection and payment solution for Fintech providers.

Since this year it will be focused on expanding referral cooperation for opening digital savings accounts and credit cards, BNI Griya KPR referrals through BNI DigiGriya and channeling cooperation.

BNI has formed an ecosystem with Fintech and LPBBTI through a service contract between the two applications starting in 2018 to serve more than 300 services and more than 3000 institutions.

"This ecosystem is expected to provide solutions, both for LPBBTI and its users," he said.

Okki said, from the LPBBTI side, the solution is a source of funding. While on the customer side, it can make it easier to open a savings account, wherever and whenever and the ease of applying for a House Ownership Credit (KPR) loan

Okki explained, BNI as a conventional bank together with Fintech Player will be the best collaboration in providing financial solutions to customers.

BNI has a wide range of banking products and services. Currently, BNI Open Banking Products include BNIDirect, Bill Payment, Online Debit, TapCash, VA Payment, Sharing Biller, and others.

As for the Fintech Player, it has advantages in system agility to adapt to changing trends, forming an online ecosystem, saving operational costs, providing convenience and being friendly to millennials.

Okki continued, currently the Digital Savings Opening service allows prospective customers to only need to use a smartphone, and complete several documents such as e-KTP, email, telephone number, to be able to open a bank account.

"The process is quite short with only 5-7 minutes and services are available anywhere and anytime. the process of opening the savings is in real time so that the savings that are opened can immediately be used for transactions," he said.



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