Commemorating HPN 2020, BNI dan PWI Collaborate with Journalists to Recognize Successful SMEs in South Kalimantan

Commemorating HPN 2020, BNI dan PWI Collaborate with Journalists to Recognize Successful SMEs in South Kalimantan

Banjarbaru, 6 February 2020 --- The commemoration of the 2020 National Press Day is approaching. The Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) and PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI collaborated to utilize the momentum of the HPN 2020 to increase the capacity of the media crew. PWI and BNI invited dozens of journalists from local and national media who work in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan and surrounding areas to attend the Journalist Entrepreneurship Training 2020.

The training is expected to be able to open the horizons of the media crew to better understand the struggles of micro and small businesses that have developed together with BNI's SOEs Creative Home (RKB) in Banjarbaru. Furthermore, the media crew is also expected to care and be moved to help publicize the profiles of these business operators, so as to open up wider market opportunities. Did not rule out the possibility of the media crew moved to join in the business.

The Journalist Entrepreneurship Training 2020 was held for a day at RKB Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, Thursday (6 February 2020). Present on the occasion were the Assistant 2 Setdako Banjarbaru, Puspa Kencana, the Head of Network & Services of Banjarmasin Region, Untung Rahmat Basuki, the Manager of Banjarbaru RKB, Rizla Syahrianoor, as well as 4 business owners who developed in the Banjarbaru RKB. The 4 business owners are ABBA Chocolate, Bobby Bahrul IMM, Rumah Pengarang Owner, Narwanto, NDF Sasirangan Owner, Nisa Rudho, and Purun Weaving Business Group, coordinated by Bertha.

Untung Rahmat Basuki said, BNI manages 4 RKB in Kalimantan namely in Banjarbaru, Katingan, Tabalong, and Pontianak. Every year, BNI regularly organizes business trainings. Every citizen who intends to build a business is welcome to come and participate in business learning.

“Who knows, there are those who are interested and aroused in their enthusiasm to rise to business. On average, SMEs here are also out of zero. Then they have succeeded in developing. The current condition, packaging and marketing products must be different, without restrictions. BNI facilitates the RKB to progress in creating new entrepreneurs," he said.

Rizla Syahrianoor said that there were 923 SME units that had joined the Banjarbaru RKB. They are engaged in various fields of business Culinary, Fashion and Crafts such as ABBA Chocolate, NDF Sasirangan, Rumah Pengarang and Purun Weaving of Kampung Purun artisans.

When sharing his success story, the owner of Rumah Pengarang business, Narwanto said, the core of the business he was involved in was reversing people's views of charcoal that was associated as discarded, dirty, black and sticky, smoke, and heat. Through Narwanto's creative hands, charcoal becomes a classy and high-value item, not only economically, but also socially and environmentally. Through these charcoal-based works, Narwanto's ideals soared, including wanting to bring his hometown, Banjarbaru, better known to many people.

Through Narwanto innovations the charcoal produced evolves into Premium Charcoal products. These products include water purifiers, refrigerator odor absorbers, sea food allergy prevention, maintaining the saturation point of cooking oil, and maintaining air humidity. Charcoal can also be turned into trophies, souvenirs and souvenirs made from the heart.

As for Bobby Bahrul IMM and Rahmatul Zannah together built Abba Cokelat. This couple built the Abba Chocolate Choco Gallery around Jalan Pangeran Suriansyah, Banjarbaru. This is where they open a window of chocolate creative products combined with one of Kalimantan's unique natural products, namely the root of eurycoma longifolia (pasak bumi). There are three mainstay products, namely PASMICO (Chocolate Pasak Bumi Bar), BLACCCO (Chocolate Pasak Bumi Drink), and PASMIBAG (pasakbumi in a dip bag). These three main products often bring this husband and wife to exhibitions in Jakarta and other cities in order to open new markets.

Meanwhile the owner of NDF Sasirangan, Nisa Ridho who represents her mother thanks BNI for the People’s Business Credit (KUR) that has been distributed. The subsidized credit is used to upgrade the gallery that they have, making it more attractive. Not only selling clothing, they also sell apparel. 


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