Now PMI Can Save Using NU Member Card

Now PMI Can Save Using NU Member Card

Jakarta, 12 January 2020 --- As individuals who work abroad and away from their families, of course Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) have different financial service needs. Starting from the membership of PMI in community-based organizations, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) launched a Debit Card which also functions as a Hong Kong Nahdlatul Ulama Membership Card (KARTANU).

The collaboration was marked by the signing of the Cooperation Agreement by the Chairperson of Tanfidziah Hong Kong PCINU, Kistiawanto and the General Manager of BNI Hong Kong, Wan Andi Aryadi in the BNI Gallery Room of Hong Kong on Sunday, 12 January 2020. This signing was also witnessed by the Indonesian Consul General in Hong Kong, Ricky Suhendar, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NU (SiMaC) Millennial Center, Ahmad Syauqi, Syrian Islamic Spiritual PCINU Hong Kong, Nur Rohman and the International Division Leaderof BNI, Eko Setyo Nugroho.

The General Manager of BNI Hong Kong, Wan Andi Aryadi said that, the idea to launch the card emerged from the capacity building activities for PMI which are often held by NU Hong Kong and BNI Hong Kong. KARTANU will make it easier for NU (PCINU) Hong Kong Special Branch Managers to record members as well as a means for BNI to serve the banking needs of PMI.

"As of December 2019, BNI Hong Kong has succeeded in collecting Third Party Funds sourced from PMI savings of Rp. 957 M. The achievement grew 60% year on year (yoy)," Andi said. Andi added that while working in Hong Kong, PMI also needed to prepare sufficient capital savings to build a business in the country. BNI Hong Kong has provided ATM and Mobile Banking facilities that can be used to manage savings effectively and efficiently. Sending money to Indonesia via electronic means is the cheapest in Hong Kong. This is in line with the benefits of KARTANU which also functions as a BNI Debit Card.

"BNI plays an active role in the overall PMI program. Starting from the departure with KUR placement when abroad, providing entrepreneurial knowledge and training, until returning to the homeland, BNI also accompanied the business that was initiated through the BNI Education House. Even when the business is running, BNI is ready to help provide additional capital in the form of People's Business Credit (KUR)," said Andi.

Nahdlatul Ulama Hong Kong is one of religious-based communities in Hong Kong. Pioneered since 2012, NU Hong Kong currently houses more than 60 branch assemblies scattered throughout Hong Kong and has most members who are Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI).

The Chairperson of Tanfidziah PCINU Hong Kong, Kistiawanto conveyed that in the future, PCINU Hong Kong through branch assemblies will carry out KARTANU socialization to all members. PCINU Hong Kong hopes that all NU members in Hong Kong obtain access to increase their capacities and easy in managing their savings.


Joint Discussion with PMI

On the same occasion, BNI and NU Hong Kong also held a discussion program with the theme Enhancing Nationality and Entrepreneurship Insights for PMI in Hong Kong. In the discussion, the Chairperson of Trustees Board of the NU Santri Millennial Center (SiMaC), Ahmad Syauqi emphasized 2 main points to PMI who attended as participants. The first is the importance of maintaining the nation's identity in the country of Hong Kong because this is our pride as an Indonesian nation. Then he also added the importance of increasing capacity for PMI.

"Space and facilities to increase capacity have been facilitated by the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong, BNI Hong Kong and PCINU Hong Kong. PMI can use the most of it so that it becomes a qualified HR when returning to the country. With the provision of skills and entrepreneurial access, PMI will be prepared to develop the economy for themselves and the surrounding communities in the country," said Ahmad Syauqi.

The Syrian Islamic Spiritual PCINU Hong Kong, Nur Rohman who is also the CEO of SiMaC also introduced Gus Iwan concept or the abbreviation of Entrepreneurship Muslim Student Movement (Gerakan Santri Wirausahawan). Gus Iwan is a SiMaC program which is engaged and committed to implement the Indonesian economic new flow initiated by the Vice President of the Republic of Indoneis, Prof. Dr. KH. Maruf Amin. The muslim students joining the Gus Iwan forum currently manage one product that is quite attractive to the community, namely Abah Coffee.

The event was attended by more than 250 participants. Participants who have joined the Hong Kong NU branch assembly can directly register KARTANU at the location of the event. 


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