BNI: Flood Season, Maximize Electronic Services

Jakarta, 2 January 2020 --- Flood season is coming, don't worry. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI ensures that electronic banking services remain optimal for use. BNI's digital banking services will greatly help people who need financial transactions, including in areas affected by natural disasters.

The best choice in times of uncertain weather conditions is to use BNI's electronic banking services (E-banking), which start from using New BNI Mobile Banking application, SMS Banking, Internet Banking, automated teller machines (ATM), prepaid cards (BNI TapCash), to various EDC-based services at Lakupandai BNI Agents or Agen46. This e-banking service is offered as one of the solutions when the floods hit at this time, where public access to several outlets in the disaster area became very limited.

At BNI itself, there are around 13 outlets (out of a total of 2,247 outlets as of September 2019) that were affected by flooding, so that they cannot operate on 2 January 2020. The 13 outlets are the Green Garden Sub-Branch Office (KCP), Green Ville KCP, Daan Mogot Branch Office (KC), Puri Indah KCP, Puri Kembangan Cash Office (KK), Green Lake KK, City Resort KCP, Taman Ratu KK, Babek KCP, Cakung KBN KCP, Tubagus Angke KCP, Telok Gong KCP, and Taman Harapan Indah KK.

On thursday (2 January 2020), the operation of the 13th outlets are transferred to the nearest outlets. The service of Green Garden KCP is transferred to Graha Elok Mas KCP, Green Ville KCP is transferred to Tanjung Duren KCP, Puri Indah KCP is transferred to Puri Kencana KCP, Puri Kembangan KK is transferred to Puri Sentra Niaga KCP, and Green Lake KK transfers its services to Semanan Semanan. In addition, the services of City Resort KCP is transferred to Taman Kencana KCP, Taman Ratu KK is transferred to Graha Elok Mas KCP, Babek KCP is transferred to Marunda KBN KCP and Kalibaru KK, as for KBN Cakung KC is transferred to Sukapura KK and Marunda KBN KCP. Three other outlets, which are Tubagus Angke KCP transfers its services to Bandengan KCP, Telok Gong KCP is transferred to CBD Pluit KCP, and Taman Harapan Indah KK is transferred to Jembatan lima KCP.

These outlets cannot operate due to several reasons, namely because there is still a puddle in the Banking Hall, access to the entrance to the outlet location is still flooding, and access on the road is still flooded. For this reason, there are around 161 ATMs that stop operating because they are waiting for electricity to return to normal.

"We keep maximizing service. All employees of the 4 outlets affected by the flood, we ask to help assist services at other outlets. We urge the public to immediately use the services provided through our electronic channel, so that transactions can still be carried out even in a disaster area," said the BNI’s Corporate Secretary, Meiliana.

BNI noted the growth of digital-based services. The growth in the number of New BNI Mobile Banking users which until the end of September 2019 then increased 76.5% compared to the same period in 2018, with the number of transactions increasing 133.4% in September 2019 compared to September 2018, as well as the transaction value which increased 104.4% in September 2019 compared to September 2018.


SOEs Ministry’s Joint Aid Post

For flood victims, BNI provides humanitarian aid as part of a series of assistance provided by various SOEs, under the coordination of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, namely the SOEs Post. BNI is one of the contributors to aid for disaster areas in East Jakarta, especially disaster victims around the outlets. One form of assistance is to establish Humanitarian Aid Posts at BNI's Branch Offices of Jatinegara, Jakarta and Bekasi, West Java, which will be the center of aid distribution during the emergency response to floods. BNI also opened a Public Kitchen in Bidara Cina, Jakarta to supply food for flood victims.

BNI also provided rubber boats to help evacuate victims in various locations that were badly hit by floods, including Ciledug and Bekasi. Inflatable boats are also used to mobilize aid to locations that are still submerged and difficult to access.

BNI is part of a series of simultaneous assistance which is also carried out simultaneously by several SOEs. The assistance provided in the early days of a disaster is carried out to meet the emergency needs of flood victims, especially ready-to-eat food, ready-to-eat food items, blankets, baby equipment, to clothing.


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