BNI Credit Grows Amid the Pandemic, Intermediation Role Continues to Strengthen

BNI Credit Grows Amid the Pandemic, Intermediation Role Continues to Strengthen

Jakarta, 1 February 2021 -- The intermediary function of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) as a credit channeling financial institution has continued to run optimally, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, since March 2020. This is indicated by the company's credit growth of 5.3% year on year ( yoy) at the end of 2020, one of which was focused on the real sector, as a job creator.

In Jakarta, Monday (1 February 2021), BNI’s Corporate Secretary, Mucharom said that the majority of BNI's loan portfolio flows to corporate banking segment. There are three sectors in corporate banking segment that are the main targets, namely transportation, warehousing, communication sector, which grew by 63.4%; infrastructure sector increased by 39.8%; as well as manufacturing sector grew 6.4%.

"In addition, BNI has disbursed credit from the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program of amounting to Rp. 28.29 trillion, which 44% or nearly half of which was distributed to the trade, restaurant and hotel sectors. "These sectors are the sectors that need banking support the most because they are severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic," he said. 

Mucharom also said, in addition to credit, BNI as a provider of transactional banking services is growing rapidly thanks to digitization that customers are increasingly relying on in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Active users of BNI product champion, namely BNI Mobile Banking, grew 59.6% yoy to 7.8 million users in 2020. This growth was accompanied by a 47.6% growth in transaction volume yoy to Rp 466 trillion.

"The ease of BNI digital banking is one of the attractions for customers to save their funds in BNI. This will lead to the dominant ratio of low-cost funds that is maintained at BNI and the cost of funds can be reduced. In the future, BNI will invest more in banking digitization to accommodate customers’ needs which are growing with the times," said Mucharom.

Measures and transformations are being prepared by BNI to ensure that the company is still able to grow in a sustainable manner. Management has set a strategy to make BNI a Financial Institution that excels in services and performance in a sustainable manner. 
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