Pre-Employment Card Program is Re-Opened, Check Interesting Promos from BNI

Pre-Employment Card Program is Re-Opened, Check Interesting Promos from BNI

Jakarta, 21 August 2021 -- Continuing the implementation of the Pre-Employment Program in 2021, which a registration has been reopened 16 August 2021, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) again shows its full commitment to this program. This commitment is realized by providing various facilities and benefits for participants of the Pre-Employment Card Program in using BNI’s services as a payment partner for the Pre-Employment Program incentives.

In Jakarta, Saturday (21 August 2021), the Institutional Relation Director of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto said, a participant can open an account digitally through the pre-employment e-form at, or just click BNI logo at the pre-employment website After filling in the data and taking a selfie (self-photograph), in a few minutes, the participant will immediately get a BNI Pre-Employment Savings account number as an incentive payment account.

"BNI Pre-Employment Savings has several advantages, such as no initial deposit, no fees in the first year, access to all 53,000 BNI ATM networks and other ATM networks in Indonesia to be able to disburse incentive funds directly, debit card facilities that can be used to make transactions across the EDC network in Indonesia, BNI Mobile Banking facilities to facilitate various transaction needs such as transfers between BNI & between banks as well as various bill payments such as electricity, water, credit purchases and many more,” said Sis Apik.

In addition, various attractive promotional program offers for debit card users from Taplus Prakerja are also spread throughout Indonesia as can be found at and also attractive offer programs for transactions using BNI mobile banking.

"Not only that, participants who already have a BNI account can have direct opportunities to take part in the BNI Pre-Work spinning wheel Games with various very attractive prizes such as motorbikes, smartphones, laptops, portable speakers, headsets, as well as thousands of e-shopping vouchers from leading e-commerce merchants as well as Poin+ bonus. The method is very easy just by accessing, and then choose Pra Kerja icon, then enter the coupon code given by email to be able to play 5 times," he said.

The first 1,000 people who open BNI Pre-Employment Savings account and register their account as an incentive payment account will be given an IDR 25,000 initial deposit. All prizes in the games are given in each wave of Pre-Employment registration, so that each participant in each wave has the same opportunity to get prizes from BNI Pre-Employment Games.

For more information, please contact:
BNI Corporate Secretary 
Phone: 021-5728387


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