BNI Taplus Anak

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BNI Taplus Anak

BNI Taplus Anak is a savings product intended for children aged 0 up to 17 years.


  • Familiarize the child to save from early childhood.
  • Name of child is printed on the passbook and debit card/ATM.
  • Debit Card/ATM can be designed using the child’s photo.
  • Providing opportunities for the child to learn how to do their own transactions at ATM and purchase transaction at merchant using debit card/ATM with the limit of IDR 500,000.- per day.
  • Parents can still monitor his/her Child transactions because there is an SMS notification which will be sent to the parents cellular phone.
  • Free of account administration fee.
  • To provide transaction flexibility, when the child reached the age of 17 years, the account will be automatically converted into BNI Taplus Muda with the same account number.
  • Interesting promos at favorite shops establishing cooperation with BNI.


  • Children
    1. Completing Account Opening Form signed by the parent.
    2. Enclosing a copy of Birth Certificate/Student Card/Passport/Family Card.
  • Parents
    1. Completing Account Opening Approval Form and Transaction Execution signed by the parents.
    2. Enclosing a copy of Identity Card (Resident’s Identity Card/Driving License/Passport) of the parents.
BNI Taplus Anak
Minimum initial depositIDR 100.000,-
Minimum subsequent deposit (in Teller counter)IDR 10.000,-
Tiering BalanceInterest Rate (%) p.a.
< IDR 100.0000,00%
≥ IDR 100.000 up to IDR 10 Million0,25%
> IDR 10 Million up to IDR 50 Million0,50%
> IDR 50 Million up to IDR 100 Million0,75%
> IDR 100 Million1,00%

Effective since March 12, 2021.

Note :

Dormant account penalty is not charged. Dormant account is an account that has no transaction for 6 consecutive months. The dormant accounts can be reactivated by debit/ credit transactions via e-Banking facilities, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, overbooking through the BNI Branch Office or shopping at merchants.