BNI and Lion Air Group Collaboration, 3 Planes Made with Livery Design

BNI and Lion Air Group Collaboration, 3 Planes Made with Livery Design

Batam, 18 March 2022 -- The recent easing of community mobility by the government has become the momentum for the tourism industry to more aggressively improve business performance. Moreover, the tourism needs of the Indonesian people seem to be increasing along with maintained incomes as well as concerns about the pandemic which are getting less and less.

Responding to this positive trend, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI collaborates with Lion Air Group through a cooperation package starting from the launch of BNI-Batik Air Co Brand Card, branding of 7 Batik Air and Super Air Jet aircrafts, to payment gateways.

This collaboration was marked by the unveiling of the new livery design for the BNI–Batik Air Cobrand Card witnessed directly by the Lion Air Group Owner, Rusdi Kirana and BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar at Batam Aero Technic, Friday (18/3/2022). In addition to the BNI–Batik Air Cobrand Card design, the BNI and Xpora Mobile Banking livery will also be launched. Royke said the government's latest decision related to easing people's mobility has become a new spirit for all business people to increase the acceleration of performance growth in the midst of the recovery period.

With this collaboration, BNI hopes that there will be more ticket purchase transactions to tourist destinations which will ultimately have a multiplier effect on improving economic performance in various sectors in the region.

"We welcome the collaboration with the Lion Air Group. This is also our step in supporting the tourism industry. We hope that this will be a momentum to restore business performance, especially in the air transportation industry as well as tourism, which has been on hold for a long time," he said.

Through this collaboration, Royke continued, the Company will increase the positioning of a strong partnership in the tourism sector. Moreover, Lion Air Group is currently the holder of the largest market share in the Air transportation service industr.

"We will also be able to highlight innovative banking services that provide benefits for the international traveler and business community by launching the BNI-Batik Air Co Brand Card and other banking services. Of course, with the BNI-Batik Air Co Brand Card will add variants of the Co Brand Debit and Credit Card in collaboration with the airlines, this also confirms BNI's positioning which also focuses on increasing cashless transactions in the Travel related category," he said.

Royke further said, "BNI Batik Air Co Brand Card will provide various benefits for its cardholders, where various superior features have been embedded in the Card, including Cashback, Extra Baggage, Special Line Check-In, Point Loyaty and various other benefits that can be felt by the Cardholder".

The President Director of Lion Air Group, Edward Sirait said that Batik Air and Lion Air Group welcomed the initiation and collaboration that had been established in line with providing more benefits to customers, prospective passengers from banking and aviation services. The presence of "Co-Branding Credit Cards", Batik Air Special Livery Airbus 320 and Ease of Payments in preparation for air travel are expected to be able to answer and accommodate the needs of high market demand from the banking sector, aviation and payment transaction instruments with various conveniences, services and facilities offered.

"This collaboration is part of a joint commitment to the synergy of banking and aviation in supporting efforts to accelerate regional and national economic recovery programs. Lion Air Group expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the cooperation that has been carried out, it is hoped that in the future it can continue to be improved," he said.

BNI–Batik Air Co-Brand Card Promo Program

To welcome this strategic collaboration, BNI also launched a special cashback promo program of up to IDR 2.5 million for ticket purchases using BNI Debit and Credit Cards. The promo is valid at the Ticketing Office, Website, Lion Air Application, Batik Air, Wings Air and Super Air Jet with a ticket booking period of only 3 days, 18-20 March 2022. This promo can also be combined with a 0% installment promo and BNI Credit Card Reward Points redemption.

Furthermore, there is a BNI Batik Air Credit Card promo, which is an additional bonus of 20,000 BNI Rewards Points for each approved application, as well as the opportunity to get ticket discounts of up to Rp. 1 million with a promo period until 30 June 2022.

There is also a Platinum bonus debit card promo of 4,600 BNI Poin+ for every Taplus account opening with a BNI–Batik Air Debit Card and an additional referral program for Batik Air/Lion outlets. This debit card program also offers cash back of Rp. 200 thousand to Open a Selfie Savings Account with a BNI Debit Card–Batik Air which is valid until 31 July 2022.

For the use of BNI Cobrand Credit and debit cards, there is also a cashback promo of up to Rp. 1 million for purchasing Lion Air Group tickets with BNI Debit and Credit Cards. This promo also applies an additional offer in the form of Thursday Deal which is valid every Thursday.

Meanwhile, the promo for using credit cards is in the form of 0% installments for 3 months for purchasing Lion Air Group tickets with a BNI Credit Card that is valid at BNI EDCs at the Lion Air Ticketing Office, Batik Air, Wings Air and Super Air Jet. For transactions via the website and application of Lion Air, Batik Air, Wings Air and Super Air Jet, temporary 0% installments via BNI Call 1500046 a maximum of 7 calendar days after the transaction. The promo is valid until 30 June 2022.

There is also a 50% saving promo with BNI Reward Points and Bonus 2000 BNI Reward Points for accumulated transactions of Rp 3 million per airline at Lion Air Group and valid until 31 Dec 2022. (*)


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