Through Harpelnas, BNI Invites Millenials in Interactive Hangout Closer to Banking Products

Through Harpelnas, BNI Invites Millenials in Interactive Hangout Closer to Banking Products

Jakarta, 4 September 2019 – The National Customer Day or Harpelnas 2019 is synonymous with the momentum for a company to get close to loyal customers, or open opportunities for prospective new customers. Likewise, BNI held the Harpelnas 2019 commemoration with the theme BNI Nongki (Interactive Hangout) Bersama Dengan Milenial. Where in these activities, BNI conducts Financial Education and Financial Literacy by inviting millennials to understand more deeply and really about the latest products from BNI.

The Nongki activity itself is taken to build customer intimacy where the primary customers targeted are millennials. To touch the digital savvy millennials, BNI introduces various latest digital-based innovative products. This Nongki activity is carried out simultaneously in various places on the same day, Wednesday (4 September 2019), including at University of Indonesia-Depok Campus Cafe, Gambir- War NONG -Jakarta, to Ali Kopi Roastery near BNI Daan Mogot Branch Office - Jakarta.

BNI's Board of Directors is distributed to these locations to greet customers and millennials. They are the Director of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) & Network of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati at University of Indonesia Campus Cafe, Depok, West Java; The Risk Management Director of BNI, Rico Budidarmo at BNI Mega Kuningan Branch Office, Jakarta; The Senior Executive Vice President of Network BNI, Ronny Venir at Warnong Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta; and the Senior Executive Vice President of Remedial & Recovery of BNI, AAG. Agung Dharmawan at Ali Kopi Roastery Cafe, Jakarta.

BNI’s Board of Directors shared experiences with the millennials to utilize various banking transaction services.  For this reason, in addition to getting a variety of gifts, the millennials also received a surprise in the form of a treat from BNI, so that this activity was also awarded with a #treatmentBNIlagi. 

BNI also made the Harpelnas momentum this time to campaign for a lifestyle of environmental love by distributing souvenirs in the form of BNI Go Green souvenirs to millennials. This campaign is crucial in supporting the sustainability of environment and natural resources.

BNI also invites Millennials in this activity to be more concerned about the environment through the 'BNI Go Green' movement. This is important because this millennial generation tends to be digital savvy so that it can act as an effective influencer in campaigning for this environmental love movement.

Through this activity, BNI wants to strengthen the company's vision as a financial institution that excels in service and performance. Personalizing services and memorable experiences to customers is one of BNI's steps in improving business quality which will lead to an increase in corporate performance.

"BNI wants to be closer to customers. Certainly, it becomes  a challenge for us, how we are here to provide services and financial solutions for customer needs, how we are able to position BNI as a financial banking partner for customers, especially millennials as the generation that has dominated a portion of the population in Indonesia. We exist because our customers and continue to provide the best service is our commitment," said Agung Dharmawan. 


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