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BNI Taplus Bisnis

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BNI Taplus Bisnis

BNI Taplus Bisnis is a savings product intended for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs either individuals or non-individuals, which is equipped with features and facilities to provide convenience and flexibility in supporting business transactions.


  • Getting a BNI Gold Debit Card or BNI Platinum Debit Card as a Debit Card with a higher limit.
  • Affiliable to BNI Co-Brand Debit Card of certain business community.
  • Transaction details are fully printed on the passbook.
  • Cash flow info at the end of each month.
  • Transaction notification facility via SMS.
  • Automatic Transfer System Online (ATS Online)/Sweep Account Facility.
  • BNI e-banking automatic access, such as :
    1. BNI ATM
    2. BNI SMS Banking
    3. BNI Internet Banking
    4. BNI Phone Banking


Individual Taplus Bisnis :

  • Resident’s Identity Card/Driving License (domiciled in the same Regency/Municipality as that of the BNI Branch at the place of account opening), or proved by certification letter of domicile/employment.
  • Participants :
    1. Businessmen/entrepreneurs,
    2. Private employees,
    3. Civil Servants, and
    4. Other individuals that have a relatively high transaction activity.

Non-Individual Taplus Bisnis :

  • Participants :
    1. Business Entities, both IncoIDRorated (Limited Liability Company, Cooperatives, Foundations), and UnincoIDRorated (Limited Partnership, Firm)
    2. Non Business Entities (Association, Society, Community, Affiliation, Agencies, etc.)
  • Clear Legal Form
  • Power of Attorney for account management
  • Identity card of the directors/authorized official
  • Identity card of the authorizer/authorized
  • Other data (deed of incoIDRoration, business license, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Business Place License (SITU), etc.)
BNI Taplus Bisnis
Initial Deposit IDR 1.000.000,-
Minimum Subsequent Deposit IDR 5.000,-
Debit Card Application
Gold IDR 15.000,-
Platinum IDR 20.000,-
Debit Card Replacement
Gold IDR 20.000,-
Platinum IDR 25.000,-
Minimum average balance per month IDR 1.000.000,- (effective since August 2014)
Administration fee IDR 10.000,- (effective since July 2012)
Administration fee for the account below the minimum average daily balance IDR 20.000,- (effective since August 2009)
Other Charges (effective since June 2016)
Administration Fee in arrears Maximum 3x arrears
Fines for below the minimum balance in arrears Maximum 3x arrears
Tunggakan Biaya Administrasi Kartu Maximum IDR. 10.000,-

BNI Taplus Bisnis Interest Rate

Balance Interest Rate (%) p.a.
< IDR 5 Million 0,00%
IDR 5 Million - IDR 100 Million 0,75%
> IDR 100 Million - IDR 1 Billion 1,00%
> IDR 1 Billion 1,50%

Effective since February 04, 2022